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So long James..we hope we’re not making a mistake

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The Oreonglive blog reports this morning that James Jones is ready to sign a deal with his home town team the Miami Heat for a guaranteed 8 million for two years, and an option for more cash after those two years (providing that the 3-point assassin delivers).  James opted out of his last year with the blazers for 3.2 million and it sounds like Miami will be getting our James Jones Mojo for just a 800k more. We understand that there are more factors that could create a salary cap block for our coveted future all star point guard,  __________(insert name here), but for what James is asking are we making a mistake by letting him go?

Let\'s hope the rain stays in Portland

We know that last year, our beloved Ime Udoka was taken by the San Antonio Spurs, and we were happy for the townie that got his money and also a chance to compete for the championship. However, Ime, was more of a town hero and not someone who the Blazers relied on at the 3 point range. He did well shooting, but was never rated as the #1 3-pointer in the league. Listen up Blazer fans, we are about to let James “44% from the 3” Jones walk away. We don’t want to keep saving our money for a player that we don’t even know would look our direction (i.e. D Will). Grandma always said, a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush. Our team looks solid right now counting James Jones in our roster spot. There is a great chemistry building in the Rose Garden and one big reason for that is James Jones. Why give that up?

We sound like we’re doubting K.P., and yes there is that doubt. But we still think a GM batting .700 is pretty amazing (count the miss on Sergio being a good point guard). As Blazers fans we need to voice our opinion even though we trust our GM. Today is the day for free agents to sign new contracts. Knowing K.P. he might have a trick or two in his sleeve and the blog might be talking prematurely. We just know that as fans keeping James Jones would be a great start to this years free agency.


Three Points – Ring it up!!!

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  1. Joel Przybilla is rapidly becoming a Blazersog favorite.  He plays with a toughness and grit that we haven’t seen in years.  And he’s average 16.6 boards per game over the last 5 games (including 8.8 rpg in February – actually 9.9 rpg after the first three games of February – and 11.0 rpg in March).  Did you see the elbow he took to the face from Deke?  What about when Bobby Jackson fouled him under the basket and scratched his armpit and side so badly you could see it on TV (Ah, the beauty of HD)?  And we love it when Joel gets technical fouls – it’s always for going after somebody.  Talking and whining to the refs is stupid – leave that to Kobe (anyone want to take bets that he doesn’t get another technical this year (and get suspended a game for being over 15) no matter what he does?)  But getting in someone’s face and getting T’d up for it is definitely worth the point.
  2. Something is wrong with James Jones.  He is in the middle of a terrible shooting slump and doesn’t show signs of coming out of it.  In the last two weeks, he’s gone 0-3, 1-3, 0-0, 3-9, 1-2, 0-6, 1-3, and 0-3 from downtown.  At one point last night after he clanged his third three attempt (he missed all three and didn’t score), Steve Blake looked to pass him the ball and Jones threw up his hands in protest as if to say, “Me?  No way!”  While we appreciate him not just shooting over and over every time he gets the ball, he has to be ready and willing to keep throwing them up there.  Given his normal easy stroke and great shot selection, you have to wonder if his knee is bothering him or if something else is going on.  We’re worried about the guy.  We need the Gunslinger back and draining those corner treys!
  3. Changing Expectations:  It isn’t just Portland fans that have changed what they expected out of this team, but Doug Collins, Marv Albert and the rest of the national announcers.  They talk about Roy’s talent and LMA’s bright future and continued improvement.  But there hasn’t been much talk about how young this team is or about what they’ve achieved this year, in spite of the low expectations from the outset.  If every time they kissed T-Mac’s ass and said how clutch he is (how many rings does he have again?), they said something relevant about the Blazers roster, we wouldn’t throw up during most nationally televised games.  We watch league pass and hear opposing team announcers say better things about this young team.  We expect more of national press (and Doug Collins is an idiot – he mentioned Aaron Brooks not really having a three point game… a college .374 average, .404 his senior year, and .303 as a rookie in the NBA).  You just know that next year is going to be all hype or disappointment.  It is going to be “Greg Oden is the next Bill Russell and the Blazers are going to win the West” or “This Blazers team is never going to compete with Kobe and the Fakers with Bynum and Gasol.”  All we ask is for intelligent thought and honest opinion.  Let’s not forget where we started.  And remember that for next year, too.

The Moniker Project: The Wily Veteran

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  •   It’s crazy to think that James Jones, at 27, is considered the veteran on this team.  Playing in his 5th NBA season, he’s playing on his 3rd NBA team (after studying under Reggie Miller and Steve Nash) and seems to have found a home here in Portland, like so many other lost souls.  What makes James Jones different from anyone in recent Rip City history, is his drop-dead accuracy.  He’s currently shooting 46.8 from downtown on the year and is a career 40.2.  Compare those numbers with Steve Kerr’s career average of 45.4 and 39.4 with the Blazers, Terry Porter’s 38.5 career average, Steve Smith’s 36.9 with the Blazers (great article on the top 25 Blazer sharpshooters here).  Those are some big names.  
  • And Jones is definitely staking his claim as a marksman, especially from the corner. This is to say nothing of his leadership, great team defense and playing all-around smart basketball.It was a travesty that Jones was left off the 3pt contest, but, thankfully, he seems to realize the decision is more about publicity and less about who’s really the greatest 3pt shooter in the NBA. 
  • As you think about what nickname works best for James Jones, keep in mind names like Wesley “The Rifleman” Person, Vinnie “The Microwave” Johnson and Robert “Big Shot Bob” Horry (we never like to reference any former Lakers, but the nickname is just too good). So here are our thoughts, let us know yours.  
    1. The Gunslinger (see video)
    2. James “All Day” Jones (same video
    3. JR – this is actually his nickname, but doesn’t say anything about basketball.  So he gets another.
    4. Both Barrels – referencing the double-barrel shotgun, hitting with both barrels.  (see Tombstone scene here).
    5. Jackpot- both as a reference to the great deal we got him in, but also his uncanny ability to complete 4pt point plays.