Who are you?(Hoo Hoo…Hoo Hoo)I really want to know.

The Blazers are a carefully calculated team.  Oden,Roy,Aldridge,Rudy,Blake,Frye,Outlaw,Pryz,Bayless,Rodriguez.  Batum and Ike are looking solid and we all know Martell will be back in 8-10 weeks(hopefully sooner).  That makes thirteen players.  With Raef Lafrentz being hurt( and also a huge salary bonus), the Blazers have an important decision to make: Who should get the final roster spot.  So far through out the preseason, the best choices are between Steven Hill and Shavlik Randolph.










While Randolph put some extraordinary numbers last night in the win over the Hawks, we believe that it needs to be proved on a much more consistent basis.  What worries us is the fact that Hills size and ability in the paint is too good to give up right now. The Blazers have a glut of power forwards with Lamarcus,Frye, and Ike. Whilst Randolph put up monster numbers against the Hawks, we feel that the stability that Hill brings be much more valuable in the long run….especially since he can gross opponents out with his dirty beard.  So we here at Blazersog( at least at this moment) pick Steven Hill as the player to come thru(God Please No) if Oden and Pryzbilla go down


2 Responses to “Who are you?(Hoo Hoo…Hoo Hoo)I really want to know.”

  1. The LortPand Brailtazers Says:

    Batum is looking more and more promising as the starting 3. I think they should only put these players on the team.

    Brandon Roy
    Lamarcus Aldwridge
    Greg Oden
    Steve Blake
    Rudy Fernandez
    Sergio Rodrigeuz
    Travis Outlaw
    Joel Pryzbilla
    Nicholas Batum
    Channing Frye
    Jerryd Bayless
    Shavlik Randolph

  2. This was a good blog. You should bring it back to life.

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