Draft Workout Schedule


The Blazers have released their Pre-Draft Workout schedule and it goes a little something like this:

Tues., June 3

Rodrigue Beaubois (France/PG) *underclassman
Rudy Mbemba (Congo/PG)
Mike Green (Butler/PG)

Wed., June 4

Giorgi Shermadini (Republic of Georgia/PF)
C.J. Giles (Oregon State/PF)

Sat., June 7

Sasha Kaun (Kansas/C)
Steven Hill (Arkansas/C)
Gary Forbes (UMASS/SG)
Victor Claver (Spain/SF) *underclassman
Stanley Burrell (Xavier/SG-PG)

Mon., June 9

Lester Hudson (Tenn-Martin SG-PG)
Jaycee Carroll (Utah State/SG)
JJ Hickson (NC State/PF) *underclassman
James Gist (Maryland/PF)

Tues., June 10

Bryce Taylor (Oregon/SG)
JaJuan Smith (Tennessee/SG)
Marcus Dove (Oklahoma State/SF)
David Padgett (Louisville/C)
Darian Townes (Arkansas/PF-C)

Thurs., June 12

Russell Westbrook (UCLA/PG)
Tywon Lawson (North Carolina/PG) *underclassman

Sun., June 15

Jeremy Pargo (Gonzaga/PG) *underclassman
Bo McCalebb (New Orleans/PG)
Luc Louves (France/SF) *underclassman
Pat Calathes (St. Joseph’s/SF)

Mon., June 16
Davon Jefferson (USC/SF-PF)
Shawn James (Duquesne/PF)

Tues., June 17

Joe Alexander (West Virginia/PF-SF) *underclassman
Donte Greene (Syracuse/SF)
Marreese Speights (Florida/PF) *underclassman
Deron Washington (Virginia Tech/SF)

Wed., June 18

DJ Augustin (Texas/PG)

Thurs., June 19

Robin Lopez (Stanford/C)
Javale McGee (Nevada/C)
Kosta Koufos (Ohio State/PF-C)
Malik Hairston (Oregon/SG)
Darnell Jackson (Kansas/PF)
Richard Hendrix (Alabama/PF) *underclassman

Fri., June 20

Luc Mbah a Moute (UCLA/SF) *underclassman
Will Daniels (Rhode Island/SF)

Sat., June 21

Brandon Rush (Kansas/SF-SG)
Courtney Lee (Western Kentucky/SG)
Mark Tyndale (Temple/SG)

Sun., June 22

Maarty Leunen (Oregon/PF)
Juan Palacios (Louisville/PF)

Mon., June 23

Darrell Arthur (Kansas/PF)
Anthony Randolph (LSU/PF-SF) *tentative

Tues., June 24

Nicolas Batum (France/SF)
Sonny Weems (Arkansas/SF-SG)
Marcellus Kemp (Nevada)
Shan Foster (Vanderbilt/SG)

Is their anyone you guys think got left off?  Let us know.


4 Responses to “Draft Workout Schedule”

  1. D-vo in CHI Says:

    The only person that I think should be on that list is Kevin Love. Except we’ve invited him and he has declined. Now I’m not saying that we should draft the guy, but he should damn well be willing to work out for his hometown team. Besides, at over 12% body fat, the extra workout might do him some good…

  2. Mr. Blaze Says:

    The rumor is that K-Love has dropped 15 pounds and is working on his athleticism. I think he would be awesome for the Blazers. A hometown fundamentally sound big man.

  3. RoysBlazers from Sec.326 Says:

    What Kevin wants is to go to a winner, what Kevin wants is to go in the top 10 of the NBA Draft. What Kevin would love is for Portland to move up to get him. (I’d like to think)

    Then there is what Kevins Agent wants…. $$$

    We don’t know if Kevin is intentionally snubbing the rose city, or if he is simply counting on being a top ten pick. He may even think that if Portland wants him then they will draft him regardless.

    I think that the agents really try to munipulate where their players go in the draft, as nate stated there are to many rules and stipulations the way the system is currently being ran. What Nate would love is to get a few pgs in along with some bigs for some nice 3on3 action, but the agents don’t want that they instead want it to be more of a one on one show where they feel their clients have the best opportunity to shine.


  4. Put me firmly in the “NO LOVE FOR PORTLAND” camp. More than anything because of his crazy ass dad. Stan Love is a real piece of work. I know for a fact that when Kevin would not play more than 15 minutes he would be on every media outlet bitching.

    Love is not better the LMA…so why deal with a “soccer dad” that does not know when to let go?

    You would have thought that he would step back before Kevin hit his high school years, but he kept it up at LO. Then he goes on The Game and bashes Ben Howland saying he did not do what he promissed. Guess Final Four is not good enough for Stan.

    Not accepting our invitation is just icing on the cake…just say NO to Love.

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