PG of the Future?

All the fuss recently about Jose Calderon NOT being an option for the Blazers has opened up the new, (well, actually, old) question: who is our point guard of the future?

Blake is good, but probably better as a backup.  Chris Paul should be on our team (remember we didn’t take him because of Telfair…thanks John Nash) but New Orleans is not stupid enough to let him go.  Deron Willims (again, could have been ours) is planting roots to be the next John Stockton.  So what does that lead us Blazer Fans to hope for?

Option 1: Kirk Hinrich.  The OG has a reporter stashed in the Windy City and he reports that Hinrich WILL be available.  How does he know this?  Well, the worst kept secret in the NBA is the Bulls will take Derrick Rose with the first pick.  With Rose on board, Kirk becomes expendable.  He is relatively young, but he does has a semi-large contract.  The nice part is that his contract does go down as it progresses.

Option 2:  Free Agency.  Here is the problem with option 2….Jeff McInnis, Gary Payton, Eddie Gill, Randy Livingston, and John Lucas are our options.  Besides half of them heading for Fort Lauderdale, I don’t think many could even crack out top 15.

Option 3:  Trade Ideas?  What do we do here?  Do we keep Blake as the starter, trade Jack for something else and hope Sergio comes on strong?  Sergio is an uptempo PG, and with Oden back our team will be more up-and-down.  So what do you think?  Is there someone else out there we should target?  Who should we trade?


4 Responses to “PG of the Future?”

  1. D-vo in CHI Says:

    So I’m the source out here, but I wanted to make a few comments about Kirk. The good news is that he’s way better than I thought he was ever going to be. The bad news is that he isn’t really that good. I watched a few bulls games this season live and probably about half of the other games (they are the perfect appetizer to my Blazer main course from 930pm – 1am). Kirk is a pretty good shooter and passes well, but his decision making has not worked for this Bulls team. If he is going to play for Nate, who controls things more, that might work. But the last game I saw live, Bulls fans booed Kirk mercilessly and yelled for him to pass every time he touched the ball.

    And, yes, the Bulls will take Rose (now that they have Collins back as head coach) since he’s a hometown kid and has as much, if not more, potential than CP3 or Deron Williams when they were college players.

  2. Baron Davis has been noted as looking to be traded. I am not a big Davis guy, but he does fill that vet PG role…and he can play. But he does cost money!!

  3. boom fizzle? Says:

    Yes Baron might be traded, but I don’t think he has the right character for this team. And we need a guy that hasn’t hit his ceiling yet. That said, he would be great in transition with Roy, LMA and Oden.

  4. Mr. Blaze Says:

    The Blazers should trade for Davis and see if they can sneak Al Harrington in Davis’ massive man beard.

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