The Hand that Feeds?

So assuming you’ve heard about Rudy Fernadez’ hand injury, what are you thinking?  It doesn’t sound major, but they’re sending him back in two weeks for another MRI and further testing.  After last season’s shocking Greg-Oden-Our-Savior-Out-All-Year newflash, this doesn’t really even compare.  Don’t misunderstand – Rudy is great, we want Rudy here, and can’t wait to see him walk onto the court alongside Greg, LMA and Roy.  That said, he just doesn’t feel like the game-changer that GO does, at least not initially.  But maybe we just haven’t had time to get our hopes up as high as we have for GO. 

Do you agree?  Here’s some Rudy Fernandez video below, just to show some love.  And I love the nickname/music combo.




2 Responses to “The Hand that Feeds?”

  1. I’m hoping this is just a bump in the road on the way to a championship. Rudy is a great talent and what I like more than his dunking and long range bombs are his dishes! Some of those passes he was making in that video?! Crazy! I’m a firm believer that Rudy is the real deal. He is confident and is not going to back down to the pressures of the NBA. The drop in pay hes going to be forced to take in making the move to the NBA should show the love and the drive he has to making this a successful transition.

    I think that the point we are missing is that he is going to be a blazer, and any of our boys being hurt or on the mend deserves all of our support. Comparing the injury to Odens and or acting like it’s not a big deal because he’s not the “game changer” Oden is going to be? I don’t know about that. I want Rudy healthy and I want him to know now that the fans in Portland are already behind him and that we believe he can prove to be a differance between us just throwing some other body onto the court. Rudy is an MVP, and no matter the league thats no slouch of a title. Lets show this guy what Portland has to offer!

  2. Uncle Cliffy Says:

    I don’t think there is quite as much hype around Rudy (justifiably or not), so it hasn’t been as big a deal. Plus his injury doesn’t seem to be too bad. KP said so.
    I can’t wait to see Rudy and LMA on the break next year! Or even Oden and Rudy for a few sweet dimes and thunderous alley-oops.

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