Notes on a Scandal

First, we’re sorry we haven’t been posting as regularly lately – we’ve had distractions (like work, wives, short jail sentences) that pulled us away from the blog temporarily.  That’s over now.  We’ve quit our jobs, left our wives and served our 22 days for pulling an Isiaih Rider under a bridge with coke can.  We’re back.  And we’ve got some great ideas to cover the lull in coverage over the summer.  So keep coming back, there will be new posts and commentary on a regular basis going forward. 

In watching the Spurs-Lakers game finale last night and the replays of the final shot and non-call, there were a million things that the commentators (EJ, Reggie Miller, Kenny and Charles, then Tim Legler on ESPN) didn’t mention that seemed worth mentioning.  First, for Reggie Miller and Kenny to say that Barry should have jumped into Fisher (rather than have Fisher come crashing down on him) implies that a player should guarantee his shot being blocked and should rely on the referee to call a foul, when there is no indication he would’ve gotten one either way.  Barkley had just said that a referee shouldn’t decide the game and I can appreciate that, but when a non-call is as important as a called foul, the referee is deciding the game either way.  Let’s not forget that Barry is a great three point shooter (hence Fisher’s wild close-out) and that he would’ve had two, if not three free throws coming.  I don’t care if Pop and Barry won’t complain about the non-call, or that Phil wanted to talk about Fisher’s shot hitting the  rim the previous possession – there is no question that Barry was fouled on the last play.  Imagine for a moment if Kobe had been hit by Bruce Bowen in the same way and attempted the same shot.  Do you think there would’ve been a whistle?  And I love Joey Crawford, but let’s not forget that this is the same referee who challenged Tim Duncan to fistfight after a game last season and then ejected him while he sat on the bench.  This wasn’t just a bad non-call, it was a terrible non-call by a referee where he has a history.  Nothing wil change, but it sullies the game when things like that happen.


2 Responses to “Notes on a Scandal”

  1. The Non-Call was horseshit period. That said, the only reason San Antonio Brass didn’t have much to say concerning the play is that I feel they know it’s over. Whats the point complaining at this point when you know you have put yourself into this possition anyway. Again San Antonio never should have been in that position anyway, with the previous shot drawing iron, the lakers should have got a new 24 second shot clock. Instead they were forced into a quick shot giving them an unfair second opportunity. Even if the shot clock was reset and the spurs were instead forced to foul, odds are lakers make those two free throws and a 4 point play was the likely outcome regardless.

    J. Crawford is an ass in my opinion though, I don’t care how good he is 99% of the time, but he sullied his position as a Top Referee as soon as he started trying to be bigger than the game he was calling. I don’t think they should allow players to run wild, but his inablitity to stay out of the limelight makes him seem to big for the game he’s calling.

  2. Blazerdude Says:

    I agree with Roysblazers that Joey got out of pocket when he started letting things get too personal. I like when refs know players well enough to call a straight game and keep things under control. That said, it’s like a teacher and a student in a way – you can’t really have a personal relationship. Once you do, it makes everything you do suspect. It was like when Steve Javy and ‘Sheed got into so often years ago. Every time the guy came into the building, people booed before he’d taken off his jacket. It’s too bad, because JC was one of the best for a long, long time. Maybe he just needs a break or something. At least he didn’t gamble on the games….that we know of 🙂

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