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PG of the Future?

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All the fuss recently about Jose Calderon NOT being an option for the Blazers has opened up the new, (well, actually, old) question: who is our point guard of the future?

Blake is good, but probably better as a backup.  Chris Paul should be on our team (remember we didn’t take him because of Telfair…thanks John Nash) but New Orleans is not stupid enough to let him go.  Deron Willims (again, could have been ours) is planting roots to be the next John Stockton.  So what does that lead us Blazer Fans to hope for?

Option 1: Kirk Hinrich.  The OG has a reporter stashed in the Windy City and he reports that Hinrich WILL be available.  How does he know this?  Well, the worst kept secret in the NBA is the Bulls will take Derrick Rose with the first pick.  With Rose on board, Kirk becomes expendable.  He is relatively young, but he does has a semi-large contract.  The nice part is that his contract does go down as it progresses.

Option 2:  Free Agency.  Here is the problem with option 2….Jeff McInnis, Gary Payton, Eddie Gill, Randy Livingston, and John Lucas are our options.  Besides half of them heading for Fort Lauderdale, I don’t think many could even crack out top 15.

Option 3:  Trade Ideas?  What do we do here?  Do we keep Blake as the starter, trade Jack for something else and hope Sergio comes on strong?  Sergio is an uptempo PG, and with Oden back our team will be more up-and-down.  So what do you think?  Is there someone else out there we should target?  Who should we trade?


The Hand that Feeds?

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So assuming you’ve heard about Rudy Fernadez’ hand injury, what are you thinking?  It doesn’t sound major, but they’re sending him back in two weeks for another MRI and further testing.  After last season’s shocking Greg-Oden-Our-Savior-Out-All-Year newflash, this doesn’t really even compare.  Don’t misunderstand – Rudy is great, we want Rudy here, and can’t wait to see him walk onto the court alongside Greg, LMA and Roy.  That said, he just doesn’t feel like the game-changer that GO does, at least not initially.  But maybe we just haven’t had time to get our hopes up as high as we have for GO. 

Do you agree?  Here’s some Rudy Fernandez video below, just to show some love.  And I love the nickname/music combo.



Notes on a Scandal

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First, we’re sorry we haven’t been posting as regularly lately – we’ve had distractions (like work, wives, short jail sentences) that pulled us away from the blog temporarily.  That’s over now.  We’ve quit our jobs, left our wives and served our 22 days for pulling an Isiaih Rider under a bridge with coke can.  We’re back.  And we’ve got some great ideas to cover the lull in coverage over the summer.  So keep coming back, there will be new posts and commentary on a regular basis going forward. 

In watching the Spurs-Lakers game finale last night and the replays of the final shot and non-call, there were a million things that the commentators (EJ, Reggie Miller, Kenny and Charles, then Tim Legler on ESPN) didn’t mention that seemed worth mentioning.  First, for Reggie Miller and Kenny to say that Barry should have jumped into Fisher (rather than have Fisher come crashing down on him) implies that a player should guarantee his shot being blocked and should rely on the referee to call a foul, when there is no indication he would’ve gotten one either way.  Barkley had just said that a referee shouldn’t decide the game and I can appreciate that, but when a non-call is as important as a called foul, the referee is deciding the game either way.  Let’s not forget that Barry is a great three point shooter (hence Fisher’s wild close-out) and that he would’ve had two, if not three free throws coming.  I don’t care if Pop and Barry won’t complain about the non-call, or that Phil wanted to talk about Fisher’s shot hitting the  rim the previous possession – there is no question that Barry was fouled on the last play.  Imagine for a moment if Kobe had been hit by Bruce Bowen in the same way and attempted the same shot.  Do you think there would’ve been a whistle?  And I love Joey Crawford, but let’s not forget that this is the same referee who challenged Tim Duncan to fistfight after a game last season and then ejected him while he sat on the bench.  This wasn’t just a bad non-call, it was a terrible non-call by a referee where he has a history.  Nothing wil change, but it sullies the game when things like that happen.

Da Coach

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To go along with Oregonlive’s You Be the GM post on Nate McMillan today, we wanted to take a minute and offer a little more insight into Nate’s past, present and future.  First, you’ve got to give it up to a guy who spent his entire 12-year career playing for the same team, during which he became their all-time leader in assists and steals.  Only Downtown Freddy Brown played longer for the Sonics and the Sonics retired McMillan’s #10 jersey in 1999.  His tenacious defense made him a respected enemy for our beloved Trailblazers during the golden years of Clyde, Terry, Buck, Jerome and friends. 

He was an assistant for two years to Paul Westphal and went on to lead the Sonics for five years, posting a respectable .537 winning percentage, culminating in a 52-30 season in 2004-2005 and a division championship.  In Portland, he’s had a little tougher luck, with 21-61, 32-50 and 41-41 seasons adding up to a .382 winning percentage over the last three years.  While Nate has been praised for his remarkable ability to focus his team during a timeout, he has also engendered a consistent run of criticism for his backing of an inconsistent Jarrett Jack and the long benching of the once-promising, now-disillusioned Sergio Rodriguez. 

None of this is to say that we don’t love Nate.  Because we do.  More than you can know.  Just like in highschool, Mo Cheeks was the teacher who coached golf, taught a few classes, joked around and let you wear a hat while chewing gum in class.  Nate ain’t that guy.  In Nate’s classroom, no one talks while he’s talking and if you tried turning in an assignment late, he’d tell his policy is No Late Work Accepted, No Exceptions.  In a way, Nate’s timing was perfect for the 3rd youngest team in NBA history and, if we’d been able to keep the pace of December and January for another month or two, we would’ve made the playoffs and Nate would’ve been getting serious COY consideration (he finished 9th in the voting, receiving 3 3rd place votes).

Obviously the Blazers’ front office is very happy with Nate and the players love him.  But here’s a question to put your Nate-love to the test: what if Brandon Roy or LMA were being treated like Sergio?  What if these two were unhappy with Sarge’s discipline and started talking publicly about it?  How would you feel then?  With names like Avery Johnson and Mike D’Antoni on the market, you have to wonder what it would be like with them at the helm.  How would these young guys respond to the General?  Is D’Antoni really as bad at developing young players as they say?  These are the fun questions we can ask and debate in the off-season, so give us your thoughts below.