As far back as this season’s trade deadline, Kevin Pritchard has been rumored to be interested in obtaining Jose Calderon of the Toronto Raptors. This off season Calderon will become a restricted free agent. With the recent news of Darius Miles being cleared from waivers, the Blazers have some serious cap room for the 2009 off season. Many have speculated that with such a large cap space and a need for a premier point guard that the Blazers will make a serious run at 2009 free agents Chris Paul or Deron Williams. Recognizing these juxtapositions, Blazer fans must ask themselves: do we want Calderon now or a chance at Paul or Williams a little later?

This season has been a break out year for Jose Calderon. After TJ Ford went down with an injury 14 games into the season, Calderon got a chance to start for the Raptors and has made the most of it, averaging 11 points and 8 assists while leading the league with an amazing assist to turnover ratio of 13.00 (just for comparison the next closest player in the NBA is LeBron James with an assist to turnover ration of 8.00). Calderon has a reputation as a team player, locker room favorite and all around good guy in the community.

There is little doubt that both Paul (arguably one of the best players in the NBA) and Williams are more gifted PGs than Calderon. Williams and Paul are big names who would undoubtedly make the Blazers better if they joined the team. But getting either of them is by no means certain. Aside from having an up-and-coming team, what could the Blazers offer either Williams or Paul that they can’t get with their current or other teams? Deron Williams looks to be happy in Salt Lake playing for a team that figures to join the Blazers as one of the premier teams in the Western Conference for years to come. Paul seems to be a shoe-in to bolt New Orleans, but why would he want to come to Portland? Joining a team in a small NBA market is a death sentence for most players financially, resulting in them leaving millions on the table in potential endorsements. Moreover, with the NBA collective bargaining agreement, all teams interested in signing Paul will be offering him a max contract, thereby eliminating the chance that the Blazers could out spend other teams.

It is also reasonable to wonder if a player like Calderon may actually be a better fit in Portland. Both Williams and Paul are used to having the ball in their hands where they can make plays or set up the offense. They both have high scoring averages and are used to a steady diet of shots on the offensive end. The Blazers are looking for a point guard who can run the offense but is also willing to share duties with Brandon Roy who is also a skilled ball handler. The Blazers are likely looking for a point guard who can score but is willing to be the 4th or 5th option on the floor; simply put the Blazers are looking for a pass first, shoot second point guard. Both Williams and Paul are excellent passers, but would they be willing to see their scoring average drop to join the Blazers? Whereas Calderon is a wizard with the ball, almost turn over free and possesses a nice offensive repertoire which has only gotten stronger since joining the league. With a floor full of franchise players and future (or current) All-Stars, do the Blazers have room for one more?

Tell us what you think. Is Calderon the right choice for the Blazers or should they take a chance at getting the big time play of Williams or Paul? Or do the Blazers even have a chance of nabbing Williams or Paul? Post your comments and let us know.


10 Responses to “Jose?”

  1. ItsMrHarris2u Says:

    I honeatly see no way that we get either of Paul or Willians. The whole discussion seems ridiculous to me. Why do you say Paul is a “shoe-in” to bolt N.O.? I just don’t agree with that. History has shown that players of his caliber sign max contracts with their home teams, they never bolt. Some of them sign and then ask for a trade, but only Shaq is heartless enough to just bolt.

  2. CWHappyHusband Says:

    MrHarris is right on on this one. If George Shinn has any sense at all, Paul is going to be in New Orleans for a long, long time. Not only can New Orleans offer more money than anyone else, but they’re already a fantastic team, with no indication that they’ll be dipping any time soon. Plus, he and Williams both can be extended as of this summer (and I imagine they will be), so I doubt either will even reach free agency.

    If Calderon can be had for a reasonable package (ie, one not including Oden, Roy, Aldridge, or Rudy, and only including one of Outlaw/Webster/Frye), then that is clearly the way to go.

  3. I think there is a good chance that Williams signs an extension this off season to stay with the Jazz. He seems to be happy there and there has be no rumblings that he wants out. Paul on the other hand is a different story. There is no way that any agent would advise a player of Paul’s caliber to not at least test free agency. As to if he will in fact leave New Orleans that really depends on what his sponsors want and what Paul thinks the Hornets ownership is willing to do. The Hornets ownership is not that greatest(remember when they wanted to move the team right after the Hurricane Katrina) and they are cheap. They might offer Paul huge money but then Paul has to ask himself if the team will then be able to go get players around him (or resign them) that will help him win. With a team like Portland he does not have to ask that question. Paul Allen will spend whatever it takes. Or for instance he might be interested in Dallas where he joins a solid team and an owner that will treat him like a king. So to think that he is a lock to stay in NO is silly and it is much more likely that he is leaving.

  4. For sake of argument I will say we have a chance at all 3. In my opinion Jose makes the most sense. Here is why: 1. He is a “true PG” in the sense that he looks to pass more than score. We don’t need scoring and Paul and Williams may not want that. 2. He costs less money. I could care less about Paul Allen spening his money any way he wants. But if we get Jose for a fair price then we can use some other money on getting a vet at the 3.

    Will we get him and not be matched by The Raptors?? I don’t know.

  5. HAhaha..HAAHAha Says:

    we dont want or need any more super stars to win, we have one of the deepest benches and greatest amount of young talent in the league. our future is bright enough, remember rudy and oden? lets not get too greedy, like new york. I personaly cant imagine, regardless of how mature roy is, the chemestry not being affected by paying out a max contract for another player not bread with ptown. this is broys team, and no new challengers should be welcom. remember allens chance to thank our 3 amigos is coming, and I dont want someone else in the way. calderone will get an improved role with an obvious contender, likely an improved paycheck, hopefully a 2 or 3 year deal, and a chance to show the league what he can do. thats all he wants and thats all we need. go jose!

  6. HAhaha..HAAHAha Says:

    hay juan, we have a 5 year vet a 3, cheap too! although i would probably trade him for the improve point, but only if they took jack. jose blake and sergio……ooohh did you see that? back to back allyoops. thats gotta get into the defence skin……

  7. A 5 year vet and your current 3s got us only 41 wins. We have not arrived yet.

    Learn to spell

  8. HAhaha..HAAHAha Says:

    yah i know, our 5 year vet at the 3 didnt play wilth oden in the line up. our team is young, if nothing changed, they would improve as is. we are getting oden, priz will be our backup, and we will add a new scoring threat with rudy. I know he is not nba tested, but the spanish league should be at least be as good a proving ground as any collage, right? I just think our only real hole is at the point, not so much at the 3, outlaw still has rediculous untapt talent, is getting better, right? martell is starting to come into his own, and jones makes a great role player, not a log jam of unbelivable talent, but we are not hurting. we are stronger then average at the 2, 4, and 5. deap at the 2 and 5. I agree, we certinly havent arrived, but we are closer then we sometimes think.
    I have read and agree with alot of what you have said in the past, I just really like outlaws upside. And i dont get paid to spell well, sorry.

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