The All Time Blazer 6th Man: Geoff Petrie

Last week we asked for your input on who should be named the All Time 6th Man.  The votes are in, the comments are in, and we are proud to name Geoff Petrie to the All Time Blazer Team!

Here are some of your comments:

“…You can forget Larry Steele because his numbers just aren’t up there with some of the others. In my mind, Petrie definitely takes this. I love Sabas and Buck, but you’ve got to consider Petrie’s time with the Blazers, both as a player and in management. It’s too bad that he didn’t stick with the team longer (and a big part of why Adelman left…), but the guy is Portland, through and through.” Devin

“In my opinion it is Petrie…It seems sometimes he is the forgotten Blazer. The guy could stroke it from anywhere…played above average defense, and was a damn good passer.”  Juan

There is no doubt that Petire would be one of the best three point shooters in Blazer history if they actually had a 3 point line when he played.  He could play either guard or forward, could score with the best of them (2 51 point games which is second all time to Damon’s 54 point game).  Petrie was one of those “glue guys” that are quickly becoming a rarity in the NBA.  He calm demeanor and willingness to play an all around game was respected by teammates and opponents alike.

Congrats Geoff Petire All Time Blazer Sixth Man!

Here is how the All Time Blazer Team looks after our 7 week debate:

SF:  Jerome Kersey

PF:  Maurice Lucas

C:  Bill Walton

SG:  Clyde Drexler

PG:  Terry Porter

Coach: Dr. Jack Ramsay

6th man: Geoff Petrie


One Response to “The All Time Blazer 6th Man: Geoff Petrie”

  1. PG: Damon Stoudamire
    Why? You got to show love for the hometown boy, plus if it wasn’t for Portland trading for him he might have surpassed a lot of PG’s along the way to the best Offensive PG in NBA history. Oh yeah, he scored a franchise record 54 points against New Orleans or Charlotte, I dont remember which, can you blame me?

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