American (Blazer) Badass

This past Tuesday, our Blazers had a victorious battle against the Lakers. It’s just satisfying to beat Kobe and co. This was the second time though, that Lamar Odom took it to one of our players and try to intimidate the team. Last time he did this, we ended up losing the game, but the Blazers were able to keep their cool this time and finish with the win. It was also great to see the Trout and LA step up to Odom and pretend like they were going to throw down. Watching this moment during the game, we got to thinking, where is our “intimidator”? where is the guy that you send in, just to mess with the Lamar’s of the NBA? This year’s draft could have a great freshman class with Beasley, Rose, Love and others. These guys are great scorers or defenders or have some awesome basketball IQ, but do we need more young superstars? Why don’t we pick for toughness or trade our pick for a badass in the league? Someone who can go in the game just plainly kick some ass and throw the opposing team off, taking their focus out of the game. Someone like a Bill Laimbeer or a Dennis Rodman. We think a championship team also needs one of these kind of players. Derrick Rose might be able to handle the ball well, but he won’t be able to if he’s getting banged up inside, by some a$$hole who’s not really looking to make a play on the ball, but on his head. 




2 Responses to “American (Blazer) Badass”

  1. ItsMrHarris2u Says:

    Lamar wants to be the next Rick Fox. I can’t stand either of them.

  2. It’s great to see Lamarcus and Travis step up to that punk ass odom. It look might Lamarcus might of taken a swing if he could have gotten away with it.

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