Shopping with Oden

When it comes to celebrities, we as a society disect every aspect of their life.  What they wear.  Who they date.  Where they shop?  So it was with no shame that this story was thrown on our desks and we immediatley had to report.  The witness asked that his real name not be used.  He just wanted to go by “Malone

     “I was walking home on Thursday, April 3rd.  It was around 10:30 at night.  The Blazers had just lost to the Lakers , so i was feeling a little pissed.  As I made my way up SW 10th avenue past the Art Museum, I realized that I needed to buy a few things at the Safeway.  I went inside, grabbed a basket, and proceeded to peruse the aisles.  As I turned the corner, into the frozen foods section, I noticed a large shadow had enveloped me.  I looked up and found myself face to face with none other then Greg Oden.  Now I don’t need to tell you how remarkable the size is of this soon to be Hall of Famer, but being up close and personal was a leeetle bit different than seeing him on TV.  It took me a few moments to remind myself not to stare. I stepped back, nodded, and side stepped Mr. Oden.  As I passed him, it occured to me: What do 7 foot NBA centers shop for at Safeway.  I hurridley glanced into his basket and was suprised to see nothing but Crystal Light bottles, some water and a Wok.  Could this multi-millionaire really have nothing more than the bare essentials.  Then It dawned on me.  He’s still only twenty.  When I was twenty, I lived off nothing but a packet of Top Ramen a day.  I went on with my shopping and eventually checked out.  Mr Oden was getting into his brand new Candy Apple Truck.  I waved, knowing we’d meet again.”

Remarkable.  This brief encounter with a Greg made us here at BazersOG curious.  What other incidents are there of random fan interaction.  Did you bump into Clyde at the Ringside.  Did you stop Rasheed for possesion of Marijuana.  Let us know!


5 Responses to “Shopping with Oden”

  1. One time after a game my buddies and I went to the Wendy’s on MLK near the Garden. It was the year Quintel Woods was busted on the T Curves for being high and driving. He produced his playing card as ID. Well, he got in the game because we were killing the opponent. My buddy asks him why he did not dunk the ball during the game and he said his legs were tired from working out before. Now, when he said this we all got a giant whiff of weed smoke from him. We walked out and noticed ZBO outside in a sweet throwback Redskins Jersey of Art Monk…those dudes rock the JBC when they get the munchies.

  2. I’ll never forget the time we saw Shawn Kemp at the 7-11 on Weidler by the Garden. And then we saw Plastic Man there, but we were all afraid to talk to him because he’ll cut you.

  3. Emily's Pontiac Says:

    I was in a car (mentioned above) that once engaged in a high speed chase following Damon Stoudamire to the old spaghetti factory. Remember that bright yellow landrover he had (I wonder why he got pulled over on I-5 as it billowed weed smoke and blew by state troopers…)

    It was at this point I realized I had a problem. And I’ve been coming to BlazersOG ever since.

  4. ItsMrHarris2u Says:

    My father was good friends with a lady that cleaned motel rooms at a random ‘medium class’ place in Beaverton. Well, “allegedly”, there was one room with a “do not disturb” sign hanging from it for something like 4 or 5 months, as it was being rented by Shawn Kemp (#2 on the all-time bad trade list, just behind Jermaine) and he never allowed the cleaning or management to come in. After Shawn finally left the Blazers, he also dropped his payments on this motel and never showed again. “Allegedly”, when the cleaning lady did come in the room, she found that every inch of floor and table was covered with weed shake, roaches, glass pipes (filled with white residue) and lighters. She only told management about it after she had gathered up an OZ or so of useable weed (after all, she was a Portland native). I never heard about it in the media, but I know the lady and “maybe” I even smoked some of it. Thanks for the kick-down Shawn.

  5. Odenized Says:

    I once saw Sabonis sitting with his family at the McDonalds in Beaverton, on BHH. I was in middle school and was too awestruck or scared to say Hi.

    And my friend Micah, used to sell weed to Rasheed’s cousin for him, we have signed shoes from him, jiffy lube lunch boxes, and rookie cards. All signed, given to us from Rasheed’s cousin for hooking up Rasheed.

    Lol, seriously. Hilarious. I never like him as a player (too whiney, wierd bald spot) but I still have that stuff displayed proudly in my room.

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