All Time Blazer Team Part 7: 6th Man

We have been creating the All Time Blazer team here at BlazersOG and thus far here is what has been assembled:

SF:  Jerome Kersey

PF:  Maurice Lucas

C:  Bill Walton

SG:  Clyde Drexler

PG:  Terry Porter

Coach: Dr. Jack Ramsay

Throughout this process we here at the OG have compared the best the Blazers of past and present had to offer at each position and made our decision on who we feel was the best, and thus given the title of “All Time Blazer.”  However, this week it changes.  We are asking YOU who do you feel is deserves to be the All Time Blazer 6th Man?  Now, as we originally stated the criteria for 6th man is going to be based on the principle of “best of the rest” NOT the best 6th man of all time.  So, look above at the All Time Blazer Team and tell us who you think is the one left out, the one who deserves to be on this team because they are so good regardless of position they belong. 

Each week we have had many posts claiming that we selected the wrong person, that someone else belongs in the positon, well this is your time to get them on here!  Next week we will tally the votes for the player who receives the most votes (and best argued reasons why) and will reveal the All Time Blazer 6th man.

To help you out here are some players that have been debated and argued belong on this squad. 

Geoff Petrie

Larry Steele

Kiki Vandeweghe

Arvydas Sabonis

Buck Williams

Rasheed Wallace

Zach Randdolph

Brandon Roy

LaMarcus Aldridge

Who else?  Who do you feel belongs on this team under the criteria “best of the rest?”  Let’s hear it!


7 Responses to “All Time Blazer Team Part 7: 6th Man”

  1. I think you can basically make this choice by looking at the jerseys hanging in the rafters at the Rose Garden. You can forget Larry Steele because his numbers just aren’t up there with some of the others. In my mind, Petrie definitely takes this. I love Sabas and Buck, but you’ve got to consider Petrie’s time with the Blazers, both as a player and in management. It’s too bad that he didn’t stick with the team longer (and a big part of why Adelman left…), but the guy is Portland, through and through.

  2. If ain’t broke don’t fix it. For many wonderful years Cliff Robinson provided some of the best 6th man services the NBA could ask for. Although there is no doubt that some of the players mentioned about are better Robinson will always be the ultimate Blazer 6th man. Uncle Cliffy is who I want coming off the bench for this all time Blazers team….lets just hope they don’t make it to the playoffs.

  3. ItsMrHarris2u Says:

    Nobody on that list could hold a candle to the talent that Arvydas Sabonis possessed. Now, having said that, I think I’d still go with Geoff Petrie… but if it was restricted to actual 6th men, Cliffy would run away with it.

  4. In my opinion it is Petrie…It seems sometimes he is the forgotten Blazer. The guy could stroke it from anywhere…played above average defense, and was a damn good passer. I am a big fan of the sixth man being a gunner, and with the criteria of best of the rest Petrie is the one.

  5. Petrie is forgotten but Sidney Wicks didn’t even make this list!
    Yeah he wasn’t a team player and it is mostly about numbers but since Z-Bo is up there . . . Sidney Wicks deserves to at least be on the list. Sid made the All-Star team four times during his five seasons with the team. I believe only Clyde was an All-Star more often as a Blazer.

  6. Odenized Says:

    IMO – it’s gotta be Buck Williams. Those glasses? The rebounding? The fact he was rapping on ‘Bust a Bucket’, ’nuff said. Buck it is.

  7. […] All Time Blazer 6th Man: Geoff Petrie Last week we asked for your input on who should be named the All Time 6th Man.  The votes are in, the […]

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