Three Points – Ring it up!!!

  1. Joel Przybilla is rapidly becoming a Blazersog favorite.  He plays with a toughness and grit that we haven’t seen in years.  And he’s average 16.6 boards per game over the last 5 games (including 8.8 rpg in February – actually 9.9 rpg after the first three games of February – and 11.0 rpg in March).  Did you see the elbow he took to the face from Deke?  What about when Bobby Jackson fouled him under the basket and scratched his armpit and side so badly you could see it on TV (Ah, the beauty of HD)?  And we love it when Joel gets technical fouls – it’s always for going after somebody.  Talking and whining to the refs is stupid – leave that to Kobe (anyone want to take bets that he doesn’t get another technical this year (and get suspended a game for being over 15) no matter what he does?)  But getting in someone’s face and getting T’d up for it is definitely worth the point.
  2. Something is wrong with James Jones.  He is in the middle of a terrible shooting slump and doesn’t show signs of coming out of it.  In the last two weeks, he’s gone 0-3, 1-3, 0-0, 3-9, 1-2, 0-6, 1-3, and 0-3 from downtown.  At one point last night after he clanged his third three attempt (he missed all three and didn’t score), Steve Blake looked to pass him the ball and Jones threw up his hands in protest as if to say, “Me?  No way!”  While we appreciate him not just shooting over and over every time he gets the ball, he has to be ready and willing to keep throwing them up there.  Given his normal easy stroke and great shot selection, you have to wonder if his knee is bothering him or if something else is going on.  We’re worried about the guy.  We need the Gunslinger back and draining those corner treys!
  3. Changing Expectations:  It isn’t just Portland fans that have changed what they expected out of this team, but Doug Collins, Marv Albert and the rest of the national announcers.  They talk about Roy’s talent and LMA’s bright future and continued improvement.  But there hasn’t been much talk about how young this team is or about what they’ve achieved this year, in spite of the low expectations from the outset.  If every time they kissed T-Mac’s ass and said how clutch he is (how many rings does he have again?), they said something relevant about the Blazers roster, we wouldn’t throw up during most nationally televised games.  We watch league pass and hear opposing team announcers say better things about this young team.  We expect more of national press (and Doug Collins is an idiot – he mentioned Aaron Brooks not really having a three point game… a college .374 average, .404 his senior year, and .303 as a rookie in the NBA).  You just know that next year is going to be all hype or disappointment.  It is going to be “Greg Oden is the next Bill Russell and the Blazers are going to win the West” or “This Blazers team is never going to compete with Kobe and the Fakers with Bynum and Gasol.”  All we ask is for intelligent thought and honest opinion.  Let’s not forget where we started.  And remember that for next year, too.

4 Responses to “Three Points – Ring it up!!!”

  1. Great points. Prizz is everything a person could want in a role player. He works hard and knows his role. Plus people forget that he turned down more money to stay with the Blazers at a time when the future did not look so bright. Got to love the guy.

    We are and have been missing Jones badly especially since Roy is gone.

    As to the national media I could not agree more. Half the time they come into what ever city has the game that night, they interview a few players and read some press clips and then go into the game and run their mouth. I can see how it is hard to stay up on every team in the NBA but really when you are getting paid as much as they are that is the least one could expect.

  2. Joey Crawford Says:

    Adam, you are like a brother from another mother. I couldn’t agree more.

    I have heard that people aren’t happy with Jones. I think he is a great role player who will get his touch back and he has a court sense that is unparalleled on this team.

    That said, last night proved beyond a reasonable doubt that we need a showtime or all star PG. And badly.

    I’m not sure the blazers can afford to not get someone this off season. Its top much pressure on Roy.

  3. Yeah, I have to agree with the assessment of the national coverage. Although they occasionally make a decent point, for the most part you can’t hear Marv or Doug Collins or anyone make a relevant point about the Blazers because they’re too busy trying to pull Kobe’s co*k out of their mouth. It’s just painful to listen to sometimes. And even though the opposing announcers were just as bad early this year on League Pass, by the middle and end of the season it was a complete turnaround once all these guys had seen us play and realized that this team is legit competition. Regardless of the national opinion, NBA insiders know that the Blazers are going to be a top team for the next decade. Watching all the delusional Laker fans and media realize that there are other promising front lines out there will just be that much sweeter.

  4. Also, as much as I hate to say it, I just don’t know that James Jones can be a reliable long-term threat from beyond the arc. This year was pretty much an aberration in terms of his percentage and production. And as good as his intangibles are, without that 3 ball, I don’t think he has a great future with this squad. I’d love to see him snap out of it and change my mind, but he might be one of our most attractive trading pieces at this point.

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