The Good of a 24 Hour Fitness Pick-up Game?!

The Oregonian dropped a bomb on all Blazer fans recently about Greg Oden participating in two pickup games at 24 Hour Fitness.  To the shock and horror of all Rip City faithful and the Blazers brass, we learned a few things about Mr. Oden. 

In our opinion what Oden did the other day was stupid, but in a greater aspect is good for him and the team.  Here is why:

1.  Oden WANTS to be on the floor.  Think about this – Darius Miles had the same surgery as Oden, never sniffs the practice floor, and is being shipped off the NYC to get off the books of the Blazers.  Some 15 months later Miles will never be a Blazer again (thank god), but we see what can happen when a millionaire basketball player is guaranteed money and does not HAVE to get back on the court.  Oden wants to play so bad that he feel into a situation where he used dumb judgement, but alas he has desire.  Isn’t that what you want out of your first pick who has not played and is still guaranteed about $4 million for two years?  In our opinion this is a great sign, you don’t see the “CTC” of Sheed here.  You see desire and we like it.

2.  He lost a game????!!!!  Oden said he played in two games because he lost the first one.  How is that possible?  I won’t lie, hearing him lose a game scared me a little…how does this guy lose a game at 24 Hour Fitness?  Well, the answer is that he was being honest when he said he was not playing all that hard.  God knows if this guy wants to dominate the likes of Shaq, Duncan, and Howard can’t stop him.  So he really was playing within his rehab, even if was a stupid idea in the first place.

3.  This is the biggest one, he is fine!!  He has no ill effects from playing both of these games.  We all get excited when we heard Oden can walk a big hill, or is rehabbing in a pool, or is running 5 times up and down the court, or Blake is throwing him entry passes.  Lets get excited about something a little bigger.  This guy just played two games and is not hurt, sore, tired, or in any type of pain.  In all reality this is his biggest and best step since rehad started.  We just ask that next time he does it with the Blazers blessing.

When looking at the Oden situation it is easy to seek out the negative.  It is simple to say that is was a dumb decision and that Oden should know better.  But at the same time we need to temper our attitudes about this because Oden is a kid, he is coming off the biggest situation in his young life and he is eager to show what he can do.  So lets look at the positive.  Lets realize that out of any situation there is a silver, black and scarlet lining.


2 Responses to “The Good of a 24 Hour Fitness Pick-up Game?!”

  1. Oden makes the top 10 for players 23 and under!!!

    Not too shabby. Where would you put him after a full season assuming he can average 15 pts 11 rebs and 2 blks (and probably 8 altered shots a game)???

    Since Lebron, Williams, and Anthony will all be 24 next year I put him at number 5. I think Bynum rightfully belonged in front of Oden on this list. (I’m a Laker homer)

  2. I couldn’t agree more. When I heard that GO had played the pick-up game I was way more excited then upset. The big thing is he wants to play. That was my biggest worry, how would a year in a lap pool affect his hunger to play ball.

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