The Moniker Project: The Wily Veteran


  •   It’s crazy to think that James Jones, at 27, is considered the veteran on this team.  Playing in his 5th NBA season, he’s playing on his 3rd NBA team (after studying under Reggie Miller and Steve Nash) and seems to have found a home here in Portland, like so many other lost souls.  What makes James Jones different from anyone in recent Rip City history, is his drop-dead accuracy.  He’s currently shooting 46.8 from downtown on the year and is a career 40.2.  Compare those numbers with Steve Kerr’s career average of 45.4 and 39.4 with the Blazers, Terry Porter’s 38.5 career average, Steve Smith’s 36.9 with the Blazers (great article on the top 25 Blazer sharpshooters here).  Those are some big names.  
  • And Jones is definitely staking his claim as a marksman, especially from the corner. This is to say nothing of his leadership, great team defense and playing all-around smart basketball.It was a travesty that Jones was left off the 3pt contest, but, thankfully, he seems to realize the decision is more about publicity and less about who’s really the greatest 3pt shooter in the NBA. 
  • As you think about what nickname works best for James Jones, keep in mind names like Wesley “The Rifleman” Person, Vinnie “The Microwave” Johnson and Robert “Big Shot Bob” Horry (we never like to reference any former Lakers, but the nickname is just too good). So here are our thoughts, let us know yours.  
    1. The Gunslinger (see video)
    2. James “All Day” Jones (same video
    3. JR – this is actually his nickname, but doesn’t say anything about basketball.  So he gets another.
    4. Both Barrels – referencing the double-barrel shotgun, hitting with both barrels.  (see Tombstone scene here).
    5. Jackpot- both as a reference to the great deal we got him in, but also his uncanny ability to complete 4pt point plays.

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    3 Responses to “The Moniker Project: The Wily Veteran”

    1. Gunslinger…he even calls himself that in one of the “Rise With Us” TV spots. He actually says “you gotta keep the gunslinger happy, just find me in the corner.”

    2. I gotta agree with Juan, gunslinger is a pretty good one, but after watching the NCAA tourney like an addict for the last week and a half I have a nickname to suggest that wasn’t in the list. I’m not sure which commentator it is, but one of the guys for CBS yells “DAGGER” when someone hits a big 3-pointer. And while james is a great defender, bangin down 3’s is what he really gets notoriety for. Hitting those key 3-point shots and sticking the dagger in is something he’s damn good at, so what do you guys think about James “the dagger” Jones?

    3. How about “The Nail” both for his physique and for his ability to put the nail in the coffin.

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