Best Seat in the House? Where Would You Sit?

This is the message that was laying on my seat at a recent Blazer game:

Blazermania is back.

The Rose Garden is Rocking

With more than 20 sellouts and still counting,

An NBA All-Star,

The most promising team in the NBA,

And the anticipation of Oden’s return,

The time to buy season tickets is now


Yes, it is that magical time of year where we dream of future glory in order to offer over hand-earned money to the Blazer organization for next seasons tickets.  I can’t find many takers out there who think next year will not be an improvement over this seasons impressive efforts.  I’m not here to try to convince you to buy season tickets, I’ll late the Blazers do that.  This entry is a more, if I was going to buy season tickets, where would I buy them.  In other words, what seat gets me the greatest value?

If you look at the current pricing scheme it ranges from $5,720 to $299.  So, which ticket is worth the most value?  Lets start our journey by looking in to what is the best seat in the house?  Don’t worry about price; what is just simply the best place to watch a game?

Check out this site on the Blazers Home Page to get a 3-D view from any seat in the arena.  Its a pretty cool function

Down Low

Many would simply say the closer you get to the action, the better seat you will have.  “You are not in a great seat unless you can see the sweat drip off of Martell’s head, and hear the obscenities” one might hear.  But is this true?  Sitting close to the action is definitely an experience.  You have the opportunity to feel the electricity of the game that doesn’t exist in other parts of the arena, and you get to see just how athletic and powerful the individuals who play in the NBA are.  Something you can imagine sitting in the 300 level, but never actually witness.  The downside of sitting close to the action, you don’t get to watch the game develop.  What you see is right in front of you, as sitting up close you simply miss out on the birds eye view of the court where you can see all the players and all the court in your vision.  With this reality, is it true to say that the best seat would be courtside?

The 300 Level

Taking the opposite view, you could say if really want to watch the game develop and flow, take the 300 level seat.  Not the very top row, but if you sat on the sideline, in the first couple rows of the 300 level, you would have a great view of the game.  Do you miss the experience of sitting up close?  Absolutely.  But you have the advantage of having a great view of the court.

The Top of the Lower Bowl

If you notice where the luxury boxes are located, it is at the top of the lower bowl.  Does this equal best view?  This is also the location of the TV cameras.  With this seat you get the entire view of the court, and you are still relatively close.  Does this mean you have the best of both worlds, or simply a watered down version of the low seat and 300 level.

Well, what do the Blazers think? 

Based on pricing for seats, we can determine what the Blazers think are the ideal seats in the house.  The top price range at $5,720 is the Lexus Club Level, which is the top of the lower bowl.  Now, when sitting in the Club Level, the ticket holder also receives food and parking.  So maybe this price doesn’t necessarily represent the best seat.

Lower Bowl sideline seats below the Lexus Club Level go for $4,840.  This is for any seat below the tunnel entrances to the lower bowl.  Does this represent that a seat and row P is as valuable as a seat in row D?

Sideline seats in the upper bowl go for $880.  Again, a good view of the game, but not necessarily the excitement level you get sitting close to the court.  So, it costs $4,000 less.  Is it worth $4,000 to sit in the lower bowl, where you might not get a view of the entire court?  And if you sit on the end zone of the lower bowl it goes for $3,740.  Almost $3,000 difference.

Now, I’m not trying to say that sitting in the 300 level is the best seat in the house.  My season tickets are dirt cheap, but I do enjoy the view.  Occasionally I have had tickets in the lower end zone this year, and I’ll readily admit that it is exciting to watch a game at that level.  I will also say that I did not have a great view of the court.  And for $3,000, I would definitely take a seat in row B of the 300 section, sitting right on the sideline.

What do you think?  If you were buying season tickets, what would you go for? 



6 Responses to “Best Seat in the House? Where Would You Sit?”

  1. Section 327 is where its at. Its a nice view of the game, the new HD jumbotron sits right in front of me (literally), and the fans there are wild. Its like the upper end zones are magnets for crazy people, and crazy is a good thing. Some would doubt whether a ref can hear you sitting way up in 327, I continually prove them wrong. Good seat, fantastic price. I can bring my woman and my spawn to the game, and have enough left over to buy the overpriced food. 44 games for $299, not too shabby.

  2. I don’t know who this Sarge guy is but I sure as hell want to party with him (at least sit by him at games). I sit in the 300…mostly because I can’t afford anything else. What I have noticed about the 300 level that I like A LOT is the ability to see the game develop. I have sat in most areas of the arena, and I don’t like super close. If I had the money I would buy Club level, I think it is the perfect match between close action, but far enough out to see the floor and plays develop. Plus the free food…can’t beat that!

  3. I’d sit wherever the “all you can eat” seats are located. I know the Kansas City Royals recently launched those and many other professional teams are doing the same.
    I think it’s the future of sports entertainment.

  4. RoysBlazers Says:

    This season I had half season tickets in the lower bowl. I love my seat, but the kicker is that at over $1200 for half of the games I felt like I was paying way more than I really should have been. I have been thinking about next season for a few months and I’ve tossed and turned quite a few nights, in the end I decided that for next season I wanted to first get “two” tickets! I liked the people around me, but I was constantly trading my ticket in to get two tickets elsewhere so I could bring someone with me. It was just a little out of my price range to get two seats in my section each night!

    For the 2009 season I’m going to be in 326 Row F. 2 seats for half season for approx $600 and change. Not to shabby. No the views not as good in my opinion… but knowing I am staying within my means means I’ll enjoy the experience all that much more!

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