The Moniker Project: The Little Guy


From the biggest, bruising player to one of our smallest, it just seemed natural to move from The Vanilla Gorilla to Steve Blake.  It’s great to have Steve back in Portland after his brief hiatus with that “other” team and we’re excited he signed a 3-year deal as he seems to add a lot of consistency when he’s on the court.  He’s a good, if not overly physical, defender, very good 3pt shooter when he’s open and takes good care of the basketball.  A Miami native (who was banned from playing in Florida after a recruiting scandal in highschool) and NCAA champ at Maryland, Steve seems very happy in the City of Roses.  He had a great college career and has consistently improved when he played enough minutes because he doesn’t need to shoot in bunches and he plays good, solid and aggresive defense when he’s out there. 

And, recently, he’s been growing out a sweet Zangief-esque beard.  Now, what he doesn’t have is a good nickname.  That’s where we come in.  Give us your thoughts in the comments.  If we don’t do something now, there’s a decent chance that Mike Rice will continue to call him “Blakey.”  We love Mike Rice and MB.  But “Blakey” just doesn’t do it for us, so we didn’t list it below.

Snowflake: a common name for a smaller, fair-skinned player, but nothing in particular about Blake.  And it seems a little weak for a guy that plays this hard.

Turtle: an allusion to his alma mater and resemblance to its mascot.  Apparently, this isn’t a secret…




3 Responses to “The Moniker Project: The Little Guy”

  1. How about “The Terp” not just the turtle?

  2. Devin, what’s up man. I promised I would do a little posting on the site, so here it is.

    I agree that Blakey is simply not an acceptable nick name for Blake, but I’m a big fan of The Turtle. It’s not intimidating, but neither is Blake. It’s kind of goofy and slow, like he is, but in the end, it gets the job done. And to top it off, he really does bear a freakish resemblance to the creature.

  3. That steal epitomzes the danger of Steve Blake. If you aren’t careful,he will run up on you, take what is most precious from you, and then throw it in the basket. My respect has sky rocketed. As far as nicknames, how about Blake the Snake? He’s sneaky, and its obvious from the video , he’ll lay in the weeds and strike at the right moment.

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