Greg Oden v2.0

So, it’s been six months since Greg Oden announced he would be having season ending microfracture surgery or, as we here at BlazersOG call it, “The Day the Music Died”.  It was a devastating blow that many thought the Blazers would struggle to handle. 

capt_02e01261cb504fa1bb6b167ef069b955_spalding_signs_greg_oden_and_gilbert_arenas_bw26.jpgBefore Surgery

odenmohawkvy9.jpgAfter Surgery

Since that fateful day, Greg has put in many hours of rehabilitation and here are just a few glimpses of his road to recovery so far.

Dec 28, 2007-Straight from Greg’s own personal blog comes a short video of his rehabilitation routine

March 13,2008-Greg participates in his first practice with the team since surgery.  It was a quickie, lasting only 10 minutes, but Greg was able to run through a series of moves that showed off his rehabilitation.

March 23,2008-Greg shows off his progress by doing workouts up a steep hill outside of Portland.  Sarge is so impressed that he shows up and joins him.

So far so good.  We just hope the next six months are as productive as the last.


2 Responses to “Greg Oden v2.0”

  1. Aaron T. Says:

    I wanna see this mofo on the floor beating little bitches left and right. Do you understand what he’s going to do to the game when he starts next year? I will put all my money that he will change the game more than LeBron James. This guy will kick so much ass, the league would have to change the all star game from east vs west to the Blazers vs everyone. Yes!

  2. Oi Oden,

    You seriously think it’s legit to play pickup games right now??? Chances are, you were in control, and kept things really mellow on the court. However, what if a hacker challenged you for a rebound and landed awkwardly on your ankle. I know if I were playing you in a pick up game I’d be going balls out to impress you, and I’d likely have no control over my body in over-drive! Take it easy out there man.

    I challenge you fellas at BlazersOG to give me a list of the all-time rehab flubs in sports history! One that comes to mind is the time I set my Madden 98 rehab (from being grounded) back a couple of weeks by missing my 10 o’clock curfew. Sorry mom.

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