All Time Blazers Team Part 6: Point Guard

In two seasons KP and the Blazers brass are going to make a huge push to land either Chris Paul or Deron Williams in free agency.  The reason?  Well, its two fold: 1.  Williams and Paul are studs who can change the look of any team and 2.  Currently we do not have the prototype PG we want.  No disrespect to Blake, we all love him, but he is better suited as a backup then a starter for this team to make a serious championship run. 

When looking at any point guard in Blazer history the gold standard is Terry Porter.  His steady play, ability to run either the half court offense or fast break, and all around ability to keep Clyde, Jerome, Buck, Duck, and Uncle Cliffy happy is unparalleled in franchise history. 

The Blazers have also had some very solid point guards in recent history such as Rod Strickland, Damon Stoudamire, and Kenny Anderson.  Each of these players have been a shot in the arm to the Blazers when needed.  But none of them compare to the All Time Blazers Point Guard Terry Porter.  Just look at these Blazer stats:

Drafted in 1985 24th Pick overall out of University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.  Played with the Blazers until 1995. 14.9 ppg. 6.2 AST per game.  7 triple doubles. J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award winner ‘92-’93. 6th and 9th in NBA FG percentage ‘89-90 and ‘90-’91. 4th and 7th in NBA 3pt percentage in ‘90-’91 and ‘92-’93. 5th in ‘86-’87, 4th in ‘87-’88, tied for 7th in ‘89-’90 in NBA assists. 10th in NBA steels in ‘86-’87. NBA All-Star ‘91, ‘93. Team leader in 3pt field goal percentage in a game (1.000, 7-7 in ‘92). Team record for most points in a quarter (25). Team record for assists in a half (13) and a quarter (10). Scored 40 points 3 times as a Blazer, once during a playoff game. 3rd all time games played (758). Second all time in minutes played (23,978). 2nd all time in points scored (11,330). 1st all time assists (5,319). 2nd all time in filed goals made (4,101). 1st all time 3-pt field goals made (773). 2nd all time free throws made (2,555). 3rd all time free throw percentage (.846). 2nd all time steals (1,182). 2nd all time consecutive games played (198).

Terry was the Robin to Clyde’s Batman.  He holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the Blazer faithful.  It always seemed as if Terry was in the right place at the right time.  Either to take a charge, pick up a loose ball, or to buy the team when Allen put them up for sale.  Whatever it was Terry always has been, and always will be here for Rip City.  Of all the choices for the All Time Blazer Team, Terry Porter stands next to Clyde as the easiest.

Congrats Terry Porter All Time Blazers Point Guard!

As the team stands now:

SF:  Jerome Kersey

PF:  Maurice Lucas

C:  Bill Walton

SG:  Clyde Drexler

PG:  Terry Porter

Coach: Dr. Jack Ramsay

Next week we wrap this up with 6th man.

So what are your thoughts about Terry?  Do you have any good Terry related stories from his time in Portland?


4 Responses to “All Time Blazers Team Part 6: Point Guard”

  1. You left out Lionel Hollins.

    The train played point for our championship team.

    Any list of top pg’s for our team has to include him.

    And I’d certainly rate him ahead of Stoudamire, Anderson, or Strickland.

  2. I agree that Hollins has to be included. No one gets close to TP’s stats, so he’s obviously deserving.

    Remember when he hit about 5,000 free throws in a row? That guys was automatic from the line. And I remember how everyone said he couldn’t dunk b/c he always finger-rolled. I only wish we could bring him in as an assistant or something – he’s got a great connection to this city and this team.

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