Do we want Mr. Sonic to be Mr. Blazer?

Recently Coach Nate McMillan earned his 300th win as a head coach in the NBA. He is a young coach that has built a reputation in the league as a no-nonsense guy and someone who likes defense and discipline in his players (nicknamed “sarge” by his previous star player Zach Randolph). Back in July of 2005 the city of Portland was lucky enough to take Mr. Sonic out of his Seattle home and transplant him as a head coach of our young Trail Blazers. Nate, since then, has been the poster boy for the new culture of this team and continues to charm the fans of this city. We believe in Nate more than anyone in this organization and we are grateful for what he brings to our team. He has said that he hopes to have the next 300 wins here as a coach of the Blazers. He would be our own version of Utah’s Jerry Sloan. If this is in our future Mr. Sonic will be a thing of the past and Mr. Blazer will be his new household name. However, fans, we want to ask you if this is truly what we want? We’re not saying that it’s time to start looking for a new coach. We are sooooo far from that. We want to know if the fate of the Blazers turn out to be the same as the Jazz, is that something we would consider a success? 2003982084.jpg

Jerry Sloan has been the coach of the Utah Jazz since he took over after Frank Layden in 1988. Jerry has coached probably the best guard/big man duo in Stockton and Malone. They have enjoyed a long run in the playoffs almost every year except from 2003 – 2006. The Jazz, under him, have won six division championships and went to the NBA final twice in 1997 and 1998. The Jazz if compared to an NCAA team are like the Dukies (except for the number of championships), they are a powerhouse every year and are always contending for the championship. Jerry Sloan, however has never won a championship, and even though he is as great as the people in Utah would like to think he is, we fickle people measure greatness with merits. In this case, Championships.

So are we ready for a Jerry Sloan? Do we want Nate McMillan to be that person for us? The only thing we can say is that we are ready to see the champion’s parade on the Broadway Bridge with our Blazers on top of floats waving at us, knowing that the wait is finally over and we again are the best team in the world. If Mr. Blazer can take us there, we want his next three 300 wins here at the garden. 59_1977.jpg


6 Responses to “Do we want Mr. Sonic to be Mr. Blazer?”

  1. Gary Trent's Biceps Says:

    I think we can win the championship in two years. You need Oden to have a year of playing under his belt, before he dominates the league. Brandon and Lamarcus will be at the top of their game by then.

  2. ItsMrHarris2u Says:

    I think Nate got the nickname “Sarge” in Seattle, not from ZBo. I recall reading a interview from Ray Allen where he called Nate “Sarge”.

  3. I am a B I G Nate fan. What I think sets Nate apart form other coaches (and Mo Cheeks for sure) is his play calling out of a time out. If you can draw up and execute out of a time out then you have a strong sense of Xs and Os…which he does. It also helps he has a great staff around him. What I like about him the most is he always gives his staff credit, not himself.

    Just look at out year to year wins with Nate. 10 more wins per year. If that keeps up we are in the playoff hunt next year, and a lock the following year. No reason to think it won’t happen.

  4. Pretty Ricky Says:

    I like Nate a lot and think he is the right coach for this team. I think he has what it takes to win in pressure games. What kind of coach can take a young team like this and make a good season out of it? I mean we went on a 13 game winning streak. Nate is definitely the right coach to get us to the championship and win it all. He is so much better than Jerry Sloan. Plus, Stockton and Malone didn’t have Greg Oden.
    Juan, if your predictions are right, I’ll upgrade my season tickets to the 300 level. Yeah, that’s right, I’m upgrading where the true fans of this team are.

  5. roysblazers Says:

    I think we are a fortunate franchise and that we have a great group of individuals running this organization. From President to GM including our Head Coach and his assistants. It’s not fair to compare one cog in a machine to another in a differant machine (sloan w/ jazz). You can take some of the best coaches in the last decade and move them to other teams and I feel not all would succeed in their new roles.

    Nate is still a young coach, but has a lot of experience both playing and now coaching. He’s leading a team of players who have been hand picked to work in his style of play.

    Nate is a wonderful coach and I hope to have him around for years.

  6. I agree with you, man. We can’t be comparing coaches beacuse systems are different. Now, if we compare cheeks and mcmillan, that’s more of a fair comparison. Cheeks is not that great of a head coach. He’s more of an assistant coach who can help by relating to his players. I can’t see the blazers trying to get a Larry Brown or a Phil Jackson just to win a championship. We are into this culture thang and I think the coach is a big part of the success. Look what Flip Saunders is doing in detroit after Brown…not that much. They might have gone to the finals, but they haven’t won one since Brown left.

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