All Time Trail Blazers Team Part 5: Center

The Blazer faithful have been lucky enough to have some stunning centers throughout our history.  The dominant likes of: Joe Klein, Will Perdue, Joe Wolf, and Chris Dudley have kept Portland known as a city with a special place in its heart for large, agile, and just plain hard hitting centers….OK lets be serious, Portland has had a bad luck run of centers for our entire history.  Even three of our before-mentioned centers make a dubious list.  Starting out with Bill Walton who only averaged 52 games a season, to drafting Arvydas Sabonis is ’86 but not getting him until ’95, to the Sam Bowie debacle, and Greg Oden taking a year off with surgery, we have not been blessed with big men who play full, productive seasons. 

That does not mean we have not had some great players, albeit for only a short amount of time.  While we are HUGE Sabonis fans, no other center in franchise history was a dominant while he played as Bill Walton

His Portland season averages are as follows:  51% FG, 16.6 PPG, 2.5 BLK, 13.4 REB, 4.5 AST.   His MVP year of ’78 looked like this:  18.9 PPG, 2.5 BLK, 5.0 AST, 13.2 REB .522 FG%

Honors: Elected to Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (1993); NBA champion   (1977, ’86); NBA Finals MVP (1977); NBA MVP (1978); All-NBA First Team (1978); All-NBA Second Team (1977); NBA All-Defensive Team (1977, ’78); NBA All-Star (1977, ’78); One of 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996).

Bill Walton passed like a point guard and defended the paint like a man possessed.  Big Red is the single most dominant center the Rose City has ever seen.  His all around game propelled the Blazers the our first and only championship.  It is clear the Bill Walton, even with his astounshing quotes is the clear All Time Blazer.

Congrats Bill Walton All Time Blazer Center!

So who do you feel belongs as the All Time Center? 

As the team stands now:

SF:  Jerome Kersey

PF:  Maurice Lucas

C:  Bill Walton

SG:  Clyde Drexler

Coach: Dr. Jack Ramsay


6 Responses to “All Time Trail Blazers Team Part 5: Center”

  1. Don’t you think Walton is more of a Laker than anything? This guy sucks balls, lakers balls. I have never seen a bigger man crush on Kobe Bryant than Bill W.

  2. Save Our Sabas Says:

    I disagree with the final selection on this one. Bill Walton was great, but you’re overlooking what Sabas was able to do. Plus, Bill’s post-blazer career has definitely put a serious black mark on his being the all-time greatest blazers center. He’s come around a bit this season, but his blazer bashing has gone too far too often.

    Remember when Sheed threw the towel in Sabas face? You know that the only reason Sabas didn’t pick rasheed up with his giant hand and snap his neck was because he didn’t want to upset the kids in the Rose Garden? Do you remember how you could hear Sabas yelling on the court…when you listened to the game on the radio?

    And you’d compare Walton’s passing to Sabas’? I’m sorry, but that’s like comparing Michael Vick’s arm to Brett Favre’s. You’ve got to consider that Sabas could hardly walk, let alone jump. All those lenght of the court passes and sweet no-look over the should touch passes were only made more important by the fact that the man could barely move his legs.

    And just imagine walton trying to keep shaq out the paint. Are you kidding me? There’s be a spray of blood and then a pile of red curls and a beard where Walton had been standing while Shaq ran back up the court.

    I think you might’ve missed the call on this one.

    Remember, he isn’t my Vedas. Or your Vedas. He OUR-Vedas.


    Check out these vids: The soundtrack on the second alone is worth it.

  3. Ya a Laker that has his number retired as a Blazer, is in the Hall as a Blazer, was recognized as a member of the 50 greatest players as a Blazer. Good call, you sound like Walton now.

  4. walton would have been the greatest cneter of all time if had played and held up the numbers he did in 77 & 78.
    No one better with better all around skills of:
    1) rebounding
    2 outlet passes (off the defensive board, many times making the outlet pass off the rebound before his feet hit the ground…amazing, no time for defense to react or defend the fast break…)
    3) Clutch shooting
    4) Defense
    5) intensity
    6) Best fundamental skills for a big man (fundamentals learned under Wooden at UCLA)

  5. A 50-10 start in 1977-78 (an .840 winning percentage that projected a finish of 67 or 68 wins); Blazers led the league in offense and defense (up to that point on the former); three 1st-team all-defensive players (Walton, Lucas, and Hollins) wth Gross making 2nd-team honors; 44-game winning streak at home before losing to Denver stretching back to prior years’ playoffs; probably one of the quickest fast-breaking teams ever (save Showtime Lakers) and certainly the best passing team the league ever witnessed (so thought former Detroit Piston’s NBA titlist Coach Chuck Daley and long-time NBA play-by-play man Brent Musberger). All things considered, definitely one of the best teams in history before Walton broke his foot…

  6. I wish you would have remembered the overpowering workhorse Kevin Duckworth

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