The Moniker Project: The Big Fella

So we’ve wrapped up The Defintion and Trout and we’re sending the ideas we came up with for Channing Frye over to his people for approval, but there are some players where the options are truly limitless.  In these cases, picking the best nickname and making it stick is even harder, but more important.  While there are exceptions (Sir Charles/Round Mound of Rebound, for example), it is important to have a consistent and awesome nickname when you’re an NBA player. With Joel Przybilla, there are almost too many options.  It’s partly because of his unique last name and partly because of his style of play.  You know he’s from Minnesota, was a stud at Minnesota, and protects the rim.  But you may not know that he dropped 33 points on Indiana in his last collegiate game (16 of 19 shooting) and had 14 rebs., 3 assists and three blocks?  Or that he blocked 10 shots in a game against Fresno State his freshman year in college?  


Or that he once killed a 800 lb. bull elk by tearing its head clean off with his bare hands?


Is it surprising that Joel takes boxing/kickboxing/muythai lessons?  No.   

Or that Pryzbilla in Polish means “new arrival, foundling” or “downheartedness?”  But what the hell does downheartedness mean?  Is that fancy-pants talk for “sad”?  It’s no insult to Joel, since he’s got the heart the size of a basketball (seriously, we heard his heart is like 10″ in diameter).  This is a many of many talents and many great nicknames.  We’ve posted our top picks below for your review.  Let us know what you think, leave a comment.

  1.  The Polish Punisher
  2. Joelzylla
  3. The Block Ness Monster
  4. The Vanilla Gorilla (see pic comparison below)
  5. The Man of 10,000 Blocks


3 Responses to “The Moniker Project: The Big Fella”

  1. The Vanilla Gorilla and Joelzylla best capture the esscence that is Joel “The Man of 10,000 Blocks” Pryzbilla. I love that man.

  2. Put my vote in for Vanila Gorilla…a VERY close second Blockness Monster.

    This cracks me up….I never knew Joel ripped a head off an Elk! Is that a Rockey Mountain or Roosevelt? Maybe you should call him “Powerful Medicine” after Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite hunting round a .45-70.

  3. actually przybilla does not mean anything in polish

    the closest i can think of is a polish word “przybijac” which is a verb and means “to nail” (like to nail someone to a cross or somethin – which kinda makes sense heheh 🙂

    cheers guys

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