BW Mondays – Blazer fans to a “T”

The guys over at Blazersedge have some sweet t-shirts (in particular I like the Roy-Bot it was Roydiculous) Do the Roy Bot

So we thought we’d make up some of our own. We have two for you today. Hopefully, we’ll be bringing in some more in the next couple days. Blazersog Ol’E Shirt

and this one here


If you have your own idea you’d like to see, let us know and we’ll draft it up for you. *Both are available in masculine.


3 Responses to “BW Mondays – Blazer fans to a “T””

  1. Aaron T. Says:

    I’ll take the chick without the shirt

  2. I’m not sure, but I think people generally bleed red, blazers fans or not, so that shirt should be popular.

    What about a picture of Memorial Coliseum with the phrase “The House that Clyde Built.”

    Or “Do you know Bust a Bucket?” with a picture of Jerome Kersey in headphones.

    Or a picture of GO with that blank stare that says “Get Excited…”

    Be careful about using anyone’s image, though, you don’t want to get sued.

  3. What about “Remember the Jailblazers 2000-2003. Gone, but Not Forgotten” with a list of the names and various offenses of the players. I can’t read what the bottom of the grey shirt says, but it looks like there is text.

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