All Time Trail Blazers Team Part 4: Power Forward

Last week we crowned Jack Ramsay as the All Time Blazers Coach.  This week we look at probably the hardest position: Power Forward.

We here in Rip City have been blessed with some outstanding PFs.  From Maurice Lucas, Buck Williams, Rasheed Wallace, Zach Randolph, to LaMarcus Aldridge we have seen our fair share of talented forwards who could score and bang with the best of them.

To find that all time Trail Blazer Power Forward we will analyze each of finalists below. 

Maurice Lucas


(1976-1980, 1987-1988), 15.6 PPG, 8.7 REB (19.1 PPG, 10.1 REB in first stint with Blazers).  Maurice is know for his grit, fight, and all around badass attitude.  Considered one of the premier power forwards in the game during his time, the rugged “enforcer” (remember his squaring off in the Championship series?) gave Portland (along with Walton) the best front court combination in the game. His jersey was retired on Nov. 4th 1988 so cement his legacy over this franchise.  After his playing days Lucas has served as an assistant coach with the Blazers.  It was not long after Maurice was hired for the second time as a Blazer assistant (first time under Mike Shuler and Rick Adelman) that Zach Randolph had to pack his bags because Lucas was a little harsh for him.  Rumor on SE Division Street is that Lucas challenged Randolph to a fight only to have Zach leave the practice facility crying…..Lucas is a stud.

Lucas Honors as a Blazers:

’77-78 All-Defense (1st)
’77-78 All-NBA (2nd)
’78-’79All-Defense (2nd)

3 time All Star with the Blazers.

Lucas is what all Power Forwards in this franchise are compared to.

Buck Williams


(1989-1996) 10.2 ppg. 1 20 points/20 rebound performance. 8th in NBA FG percentage ‘89-’90, 1st in ‘90-’91 and ‘91-’92 (.604). 10th in NBA rebounding ‘89-’90. All NBA Defensive 1st team in ‘89-’90 and ‘90-’91 and 2nd team ‘91-’92. 7th all time in games played (557). 1st all time in field goal percentage (.550). 4th all time total rebounds (4,861). 3rd all time consecutive games played (196).  NBA All Star: ’82, ’83, ’86.

Many credit the acquisition of Williams as the pivotal point in the ’90s glory years.  Buck’s no nonsense attitude, coupled with his punishing defense and his desire to do the dirty work earned him the respect of his teammates.  He never got the glory that Terry and Clyde did, but his contribution was never in doubt to those who are true Blazer fans.  What else do you expect from a guy with the real name “Charles Linwood?”  Made in the same mold as Lucas, Buck is a true throwback that we hope Oden will serve his number well.

Rasheed Wallace

(1996-2004) 16.8 PPG, 6.9 REB.2000, 2001 NBA All Star.  Whether you like Sheed or not there is no doubting his skill.  What I think frustrated Blazer fans the most is that Rasheed is the MOST talented PF, and maybe player ever in a Blazer uniform.  His sick baseline turnaround jumper, high flying dunks (ever notice Sheed used two hands most of the time, this is because his hands are unusually small), and superb defense when he wanted to play it showed how skilled he could be.  The problem is that he never, even today achieved what he was capable of.  But he sure could argue well with the refs.

Zach Randdolph

(2001-2007), 16.0 PPG, 7.4 REB.  Zach came to Portland after not even starting on his Michigan State Team.  I remember some people around me asking “who is that” when he was drafted.  However, after sitting nearly his entire rookie year on the bench Zach busted onto the Blazer scene with a convincing year end second season and solid playoff performance against he Mavericks.  However, Randolph’s time in Portland was dotted with problems.  From hitting teammate Ruben Patterson to hanging out and getting in trouble with the HOOPS Family Zach always knew how to keep the spotlight on himself. 

To be fair to Zach he can ball.  No doubt the guy can score, but he either lacks the mental abilityor simply does not care about playing defense.  He also never cared to pass the ball and was coined “the black hole” by his teammates.  Zach is one of the best post offensive players in the league.  But his skills stop there.  There aren’t many PFs in the league who average less blocks than him.

And he looks like Eddie Winslow

When looking at the above players it is obvious and clear that Maurice and Buck are the finalists.  While both players played a similar game, both gave their team hard minutes and quality possessions, we feel Maurice Lucas deserves the All Time Blazer Team Award.  Nothing against Buck (one of our top 5 favorite Blazers of All Time) but Lucas provided his team the intangibles that helped spur the Blazers to a championship in ’77.  We know Bill Walton can run his suck with the greatest of them, but one thing he always insists is that Maurice Lucas was the reason they won the championship.  If LaMarcus takes on the qualities of Lucas and Buck we are sure this team will be Championship bound.

Congrats Maurice Lucas All Time Trail Blazer Power Forward!

So what do you think?  Are you a Buck type of guy?  Do you think the Jail Blazers talent outweighs that of the team orientated PFs?  Lets hear it!

As the team stand now:

SF:  Jerome Kersey

PF:  Maurice Lucas

SG:  Clyde Drexler

Coach: Dr. Jack Ramsay


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