Moniker Project: Round 3: Channing Frye

So you’ve spoken and we’ve decided on Martell “The Definition” Websterand Travis “Trout” Outlaw (though the Mr. Fantastic resemblance is uncanny).  We now turn our attention to a new Blazer, Channing Frye. More than any other Blazer we’ve seen in a long time, Channing seems to have truly embraced the spirit and true essence of Portland.  He blogs about Keeping Portland Weird and asks his fans to suggest things to do with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day (the best suggestion, by far, was to hit a 20ft jumper in her honor).  The Arizona stand-out made waves his rookie season and ended up as a selection on the All Rookie First Team.  The biggest complaint about the guy coming out of ‘Zona was that he was too nice and goofball !?!    But that’s exactly what makes him such a great addition to this team.  He has formed a bond with the rest of the nucleus of this team and is finding a place that he fits in with what he calls “some of the coolest guys I’ve met so far.”  He is athletic with good mobility and can definitely hit the long jumper.  There are times that he could be meaner, but not every player has to get into someone’s face to play aggressively (though he did get T’d up last night for jawing with Royal Isley – nice guy or tough guy?).  His website says his nickname is C. Money (photos here).  Now, I’m not going to say that isn’t a good nickname, but it doesn’t really seem to say anything about HIM as a person or as a player.  He’s way too much of an individual to have a nickname that anyone could have (see urban dictionary here).   frye.jpg

It’s hard to imagine a laid-back guy like Channing happy in New York, but it makes him a perfect for this team and, more importantly, this city.We’ve contacted Frye’s representatives and promised to pass along the favorite nickname.  Give us your thoughts in the comments section.  Help us make Channing into a household name in Portland.    


7 Responses to “Moniker Project: Round 3: Channing Frye”

  1. Boom Dizzle Says:

    I love the kung fu video, that’s hilarious. Plus he sort of reminds me of the dude from Kung Fu, the show.

    It says he likes the Transformers, maybe Optimus Frye? There aren’t any suggestions in the post and I agree that C. Money isn’t really that cool. I like the idea of something unique – maybe “The Gamer” since he plays WoW and Halo 3 online.

  2. Aaron T. Says:

    How about “LaMarcus part 2”? It’s not as good as the original, but you still have to see it.

  3. Aaron T. – the thing is Channing is a very different type of player than LMA. He isn’t the post-player that LMA is, but he is also a much smarter defensive player. It isn’t that LMA plays bad defense (see him block desmond mason last night?), but he fouls. A ton. Channing plays less minutes and is a bit of a fouler himself, but I think he hustles a little more. Plus he plays half as many minutes and averages the same number of offensive rebounds (1.2 per game). That said, LMA was sick last night. But channing has score 30 a couple of times, too. I’d like to see him playing with LMA more once they both start to crash the glass harder.

    One thought, though: maybe LMA and Channing should have a paired nickname like the Twin Towers.

    Maybe the Mega Powers (like Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan)?

  4. I think that LA is just learning to play with his back behind the basket. I remember last year when he would always face up and take his sweet shot, which channing is really good at as well. They’re both tall gazelle like players that are a little week behind the basket, channing more than LA.
    Better than the twin towers how about the double dragon twins? or double (chocolate) mint twins? I hope we keep Frye around. I was listening to Quick a while back and he said that because Frye isn;t getting to much game time, he will probably get moved for a player that the blazers need.

  5. Charles Says:

    frying chan

  6. During one of his first interviews as a Blazer, he called himself a “Buffet of Goodness”. I’ve been calling him “The Buffet” ever since!

  7. chickenmelt Says:

    Yes, I remember him describing himself as a “buffet of goodness” during an interview too. That’s kind of an awkward nickname, but funny. And descriptive.

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