The Truth is….I Miss You

On July 18, 2006, Oklahoma City businessman Clay Bennett purchased the Seattle Super Sonics (along with the Seattle WNBA team) for 350 million dollars. Unable to work out a compromise on the renovation of Key Arena, the Sonics were purchased by Bennett with one goal in mind: getting the hell out of Seattle. If you have ever visited Seattle, this is not an uncommon desire, especially with the knowledge that the Rose City is just a few hours south. But all joking aside, a Super Sonic-less Pacific Northwest is not a future we at the BlazersOG would like to see.

Over the years the I-5 rivalry has had its highs and lows, but Blazer and Super Sonic fans alike could always count on a good contest. Many fond Blazer memories include the likes of the Reign Man Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton and Detlef Schrempf battling the Blazers for Western Conference wins and, more importantly, Pacific Northwest bragging rights. It is hard to put a finger on why the Sonics should not leave other than that they have always been part of the NBA for many Blazer fans. The Sonics have always been our friends to the North that we love to beat but also, just like Portland, Seattle is representing the PNW.

There seems to be little protest among the Blazer faithful over the potential loss of the Sonics. Maybe it’s that Oregonians know the people of Seattle still have the Mariners and Seahawks to root for. Maybe because we can feel for the citizens of King County who are being told, “pay for a new stadium or we bolt.” Or maybe, down deep inside, Oregonians kind of jump at the idea of the Blazers being the only NBA show in the Pacific Northwest. Whatever the reason, the NBA is a much better place with the Super Sonics in Seattle and not in that hell hole Oklahoma.

You can be assured that if for some unforeseen reason the Blazers were on the moving block, the Blazer faithful would welcome any help they could get in keeping the team in Portland. If you’re interested in more information on helping keep the Sonics in Seattle, please visit and


Moreover, please post your comments on whether as a Blazer fan you will be happy or sad to see the Sonics leave Seattle.



11 Responses to “The Truth is….I Miss You”

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Seattle. But at the same time I agree with this entry. I enjoy seeing us beating the Sonics like a Gitmo detainee, but I also enjoy the bball players they produce.

    Lets remember major parts of our team (Nate, Roy, Martell, Paul Allen) came from Seattle. The fact that Seattle breeds our players is nice. But lets be serious, its a good matchup to have two teams so close.

  2. Save our Blazers Says:

    Thank god we got Oden and Allen decided to stick with the team. Remember when there was talk about the Blazers moving? It scared me to the core of my being. I can only imagine what Sonics fans are going through, especially when they have a team that I think will develop well in the next five or so years.

    I agree that Portland is a way, way better city than Seattle. And our team is better. But the sonics have a 98-94 advantage in the all-time series between Seattle and Portland. If they move to OKC, we’ll never get a chance to repeatedly crush them over the next 10 years. Where’s the fun in beating up on OKC? Seattle’s another story entirely.

    This is to say nothing of the fact that S.O.S. has some great arguments about why it’s better for the NBA for the team to stay in Seattle.

    I am glad that Clay Bennett wasn’t around when Allen was thinking about selling the blazers, or we might be fighting to keep OUR team.

    Good luck Save our Sonics, I look forward to watching seattle fans tear the hair out over Blazer victories for years to come!

  3. Thank you so much for running this article. We appreciate the support.

    Of course there is the natural rivlary between the two cities. That is healthy and is good for both teams.

    However it is in the best interests of both cities to put that aside for a little while and work towards a common goal. If a city with 41 years of history in the league, who built the NBA a new arena just a decade ago, can be moved to a small market then no team is safe. NONE.

    Imagine if I were the richest man in South Dakota and found a way to buy up the Boston Celtics and decided to move them to Rapid City. There is no way this makes sense for the owners to approve this. None.

  4. You Blazers fans RULE!!

    Please help us TODAY – call the WA Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000.

    Tell them to support TODAY’s measure to keep the Sonics in Seattle. Tell them this offer very well may not be here next year.

    Check the news today to hear about Steve Ballmer and other big money folks who are stepping up with a plan to help keep the team in Seattle.

    Call your local radio and TV news hotlines also – get them to share the word to call the legislature TODAY. This is the best chance we have had, and may be the best chance we will ever have, to save the Seattle Sonics.

    Rock on
    Save Our Sonics

    PS – if you want to show support at the Mar 24 Blazers/sonics game, check out this thread:

  5. I definately want to see the Blazers-Sonics rivalry continue on. The I-5 rivalry is just getting juicy with Oden and Durant. The NBA can’t take that away from us. Heck, if Seattle is having a hard time supporting the team, why don’t you guys move it to another city in WA? Let’s hope the Sonics stay, because the Blazers would miss kicking you butt 🙂 (just joking).

  6. Thanks for helping the movement. Could you add this to your article?

    “As a form of protest, we vow to boycott any game next season in which
    the Oklahoma City Sonics play, whether it be in our arena or watching
    it on television.”

    Also, please tell all interested people to e-mail/message that to any
    media source they can think of. It all started with some Heat fans at
    The South Florida Fan:

    It’s on us (the non-Sonics fans) to make this happen.

  7. Thanks for the support!

    Save Our Sonics!

  8. 100% thank so much for your article and support!

    Big Chris

  9. There was talk that Allen was going to sell the Blazers and buy the Sonics. Imagine if Allen had sold the Blazers to Bennett. 😦 I really wonder how close Portland was to getting sold down the river in the same way that Seattle is now.

  10. While I don’t have Paul Allen’s (Portland TrailBlazer owner) personal e-mail. You may have success at sending a message to him via the Blazers site. He is after all a resident of Seattle and owns the Seahawks, so he may be a good person to target for Friday’s vote. Here is the link to send the Blazers a message blazers/news/contact us.html

  11. While I don’t have Paul Allen’s (Portland TrailBlazer owner) personal e-mail. You may have success at sending a message to him via the Blazers site. He is after all a resident of Seattle and owns the Seahawks, so he may be a good person to target for Friday’s vote. Here is the link to send the Blazers a message

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