What do you do with a problem like Darius?


Darius. Darius. Darius.  This is a name that causes Blazersoggers to grind their teeth at night.  When the Blazers signed Mr. Miles, he was a promising young player and a budding movie star. 


He didn’t have All-Star Stats, but the potential was there.  Then came the microfracture injury in 2006.   Now he’s a a guy who sits on the bench, works out twice a week and frequents Portland strip clubs.


  Darius has been rehabbing his knee, but is currently weighing in at 240. That’s about 25 extra ponds he’s carrying on his already fragile knee.   The common concensus at BlazersOg is that he is a washed up player whose unfortunate injury stopped what could of been a productive career.  There were those incidents with Mo Cheeks, with some people even speculating Darius being the cause of Mo’s departure.  There were also the issues of drug use.  All in all this guy is just a big dissapointment.  The question then is one we put in front of you , the people; What do the Blazers do with this guy?  we’ll run down the options

Option # 1: Retirement (The Preferred Option)

Darius’ contract is up in 2010.  He is guranteed  $50 million, 18 million of that being payed over the next two years.  If he were to retire now, he would receive the full 18 million, but most importantly that would give the Blazers salary cap relief that might turn into them signing a high caliber player in the off season


Option 2: Keep on Trucking (Please Don’t)

Darius can keep rehabbing, keep working out, and keep dreaming.  While Darius says he can play his trainers say otherwise.  But who knows.  Maybe the guy sheds the weight, gets back to the game of basketball, and shocks us all.  We just don’t see that happening anytime soon.

 Option #3: Find a sucker

There are also a lot of options concerning the trade market.  The only thing is who wants a injured, aging player whose contract is more bloated than Elvis’ face circa 1977.

So, those are some of the things the Blazers can do with Darius.  What do you guys think? 


3 Responses to “What do you do with a problem like Darius?”

  1. The Headbump Says:

    I was so excited when the Blazers first got Miles because he is so athletic. Now, we’ve got Outlaw and he does everything that Miles ever did, but better and is beloved by fans.

    I can’t see them bringing back Miles to do anything more than shop him for a trade. He isn’t that old, but it’s just easier to start with a clean slate and, like it or not, he’s tied to the Jailblazers-era.

    I think he was unlucky (with the injury and the timing/circumstances around his arrival), but he didn’t do much to improve the situation. I hope he can have a great career somewhere, just not in Portland.

  2. First off, thanks Darius for getting Mo Cheeks Fired.

    Second, Darius you did us well, now retire and take your money.

  3. Idahofan Says:

    I think this would cost the Blazers some money, but we should PLAY him in the second unit at his usual place (3rd spot) for either Martell or Jones and then evaluate him as to performce, attitude, ect. Tell it like it is. If he is productive, move him to the first unit where more rebounding and point production is needed. Evaluate and do not be easy on him. I would hope that he becomes a valuable, productive member of our team.

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