The Moniker Project: Round 2 – Travis Outlaw

The overwhelming consensus last week for Martell Webster was “The Definition.”  This week, we decided to pick another “older”, or at least more tenured Blazer, Travis Outlaw.  We think he was the beginning of what started to go right – and he’s the only real piece of the Jailblazers (though he wasn’t really a part of the drama).  Just imagine the Travis that we all know and love around knuckleheads like Sheed, Damon and Ruben Patterson.  He’s just a good guy (see here and here).  It’s fortunate for the Blazers that he took a while to come around and his progress this year has been nothing short of Sixth Man of the Year-worthy.  We hope that Travis will be a life-long Blazer and look forward to his continued improvement.  That being said, the right nickname is going to be around a long, long time.  With a name like Outlaw, the possibilities are endless.  He’s a high-flying, shot-swatting, game-winning, shooting machine from Starksville, Mississippi.  Some of our thoughts are below – let us know yours with comments.Trout   (a simple combination of first and last, but it doesn’t really say anything about him)


The Kid   (he isn’t the youngest Blazer, but he’s been with the team the longest for his age.  Besides, he plays with the endless energy and athleticism that fosters his many highlight-reel dunks.  Plus, it works with the “outlaw” theme.  And they look sort of similar, right?)


Mr. 4th Quarter/The Closer/The Dagger (he seems to hit the big shot whenever we need it – to end a drought, to put a game out of reach, or to just straight up send the other team home with a loss at the buzzer.  Too bad Chauncey “Horse Face” Billups already has Mr. Big Shot taken.) 

Mr. Fantastic   (he can do everything and his arms and legs just look impossibly long – see the resemblance?)                        


3 Responses to “The Moniker Project: Round 2 – Travis Outlaw”

  1. It’s got to be Trout. Dave over at Blazer’s Edge uses Super Trout as well. Any time you have the opportunity to use a fish related nickname for a Blazer you simply cannot pass that up.

  2. I am a big fan of Mr. Fourth Quarter. It matches his play and his clutch plays. However, Trout is money, we are in the PNW…I’ll flip a coin and take Mr. Fourth Quarter.

  3. I’s say “The Hanger” both for his leaping ability and the fact that he looks like he’s still got a hanger in his shirt because of those high shoulders!

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