The Moniker Project

It occurred to us here at BlazersOG that one of the things missing from this young Blazers team, one of the things gained from experience and years in the League is a good, solid nickname for every player.  Mike Rice and Mike Barrett have coined Brandon “the Natural” Roy, which is perfect.  The other players, for the most part, are severely lacking in the alias department.  So, every Saturday, we’re going to post a different player and come up with a nickname that we’ll then pass on to the powers that be.  We all know that a nickname can take hold simply because people use it and we’re going to do exactly that.  One request, however, is that the nicknames stay positive – they don’t necessarily have to be basketball-oriented, but this is a FAN site, so pointless criticism or needless insults won’t be included as possible selections. 

So post your ideas in the comments section and we’ll put up the top 3 every week and then repost so we can collectively pick the favorite.  

The first player we thought made the most sense, in terms of Blazers tenure and severe need of a sweet nickname, is Martell Webster.  There is so much about him as a player and person that is fascinating to watch.  He is one of the best shooters in the League when he’s hitting and his intensity and focus is almost too severe at times.  If you want to check out his stats, click here.  There is a dilemma, however, in that he is rumored to already have a nickname, which is pretty cool (“The Definition” as a play on his last name’s dictionary-connection).  We’ve never, ever heard it used, though, so I guess it either hasn’t stuck or people just don’t know.  Either way, that’s the whole point of this effort.  

Marty McFly?  Seattle’s Best?  Uncle Marty?



7 Responses to “The Moniker Project”

  1. Martell is such a big part of this team’s future, I think people forget about him with Roy/Oden/LA/Frye around. He’s only 21, 2 years younger than Roy and he’s a member of Team Adidas. That being said, it’s GOT to be “the definition”.. it just has to.

    Roy – The Natural
    Martell – The Definition

  2. I like the Definition, too, but it has sort of an odd ring to it. Seattle’s Best is good, but probably copyrighted or something. Maybe Mr. Intensity. Or Martell Hot Hands Webster. Maybe something else related to Webster, but the Definition just seems a little long. I can’t really imagine MB saying “The Definition shooting off the curl…” That being said, it seems really, really appropriate.

  3. I have a nickname for Webster……BRICK

  4. I am all in for the Definition…..Seattle’s Best is good, but again that could easily fall to Roy also. I know it is a little long, but again how would “Seattle’s Best” sound on air?

    Its just fitting for the Definition.

  5. its not even a debate.

    the definition is already his nickname:

  6. Martell “IvegotsomethingonNateandthatswhyi’mplaying”Webster.

    Webster needs to play for a team that can afford to gauge whether he is “on” or not and then sit his butt down for the other 95% of the game.

    This guy and Jarrett Jack are walking, talking, out of control, overrated turnover machines.

  7. I am pretty sure that even other NBA players call him “what’s his name”.

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