The Jones Factor

We can’t recall a team that has had a winning streak like our Blazers and then fall from grace so quickly. We did not expect any greatness from this team this early, but when we got a taste of it this past December, it was hard to let go of it. Right now, we are about where this team should be. They are slightly above .500 and are fighting every team for a W. With all the analysis and statistics that surround sports, we can point out a million and one reasons why the Blazers are having a bad stretch of games.


 We believe that there is one factor that trumps all. It’s called the Jones factor. Remembering the time before the streak, James Jones was just bouncing back from his knee injury. When the man became healthy enough to play valuable minutes for the Blazers, that’s when this team gelled and started popping wins like a pez dispenser. James Jones led the league in 3-point percentage and was our outside threat that opened up the middle for Brandon’s drives and LaMarc’s swift dunks. We all know that Brandon is the leader of this team, and LaMarcus is our inside threat, but James Jones is the X-factor that makes this team win. He is the veteran presence that knows when to pass, cut and take two steps to the right, just enough to spread the other teams defense leaving them vulnerable. We miss you James and we need your basketball savvy on the court. Please get that knee fixed ASAP, because when you’re not around this team can build houses with all the bricks their throwing.


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