Do you think this young team needs a Kidd?

So, the Mavericks and the Nets tried to figure out a deal that would bring J Kidd back to his rookie team, Dallas, in exchange for Devin Harris and some change, but the change screwed everything up. Devean George decided he needed to think about this deal before he agrees to it. Yup, Devean George for some reason has the Kobe Bryant affect. What’s the term for cock blocking in the NBA? or another term for blue balls?…..actually that one sounds like it fits.

Jason Kidd

Well, we’re not here to analyze why Devean George thinks his poop don’t stink. We’re here to talk Blazer basketball and we want to know what your thoughts are about trading for J. Kidd.

Here’s the deal…..the Nets will receive Jarret Jack and Martell Webster, two young and very promising players that could be part of the building block of the Nets, especially when Mr. Jay-Z moves the team to Brooklyn. Add in Raef La Frentz who only has two years left in his contract who would be a benefit to a team’s cap space when he’s off of it. Of course the Blazers will get an aging, expensive, all-star dimming point guard in Jason Kidd. He might have a couple of years left in those domestic violent legs of his, but we only need the man for just about that much time anyways. He can be a great guard combo with Roy with both possibly averaging triple doubles every night. Also, passes from one of the best point guards in the league to LaMarcus and Greg Oden will make this team freakin unstoppable! Then in two years, when this team is gellin like Magellan, we can drop Kidd off and pick up either Chris Paul or Deron Williams on our way to the championship. It’ll be such a smooth ride.

If you’re questioning the trade in terms of numbers, ESPN trade machine says it’s a go. So please, think about it, and think about it some more. Then tell us if you would do this trade.


6 Responses to “Do you think this young team needs a Kidd?”

  1. I rather not…its not like Kidd is known to be a nice teammate….he pisses and moans about a lot, and beats his wife.

  2. Yeah, I’d have to say I wouldn’t be ok with this at all. Kidd will be able to play at his high level for 2 more years at the most, and the Blazers will be reaching the highest potential of this squad in about 2-3 years. I doubt he’d be able to be a difference maker for that team. Sorry, giving up prospects like Webster and Jack aren’t worth an old crotchety Jason Kidd, they’re worth a lot more.

  3. Mike, I don’t think Webster and Jack are worth that much. We get clouded sometimes because we’re fans and cannot see how mediocore some of our players are. I agree that Jason Kidd is not the right trade, but how about a Nocioni?

    Is this a new site or have I missed this blog through out the years?

  4. I too will jump on the Kidd bandwagon sipping on the anti-Armstrong hateraid.

    Kidd is the best POINT GUARD in the league. Well, second behind Nash.

    We NEED a pg next year.

    Jack = Wack.

    Martell = inconsistent by nature.

    You could hope for Derrick Rose or Darren Collison next year…but then again you also probably think OJ Majo is a good pick too.

    Keeping Jack on the Blazers is like trying to take Dave Gestaut on a S.T.A.R.S (Students Today Aren’t Ready For Sex) world tour – it just doesn’t make sense. At some point Jack’s little bullshit up and under finger roll lay ups are going to get swatted. Camby style.

  5. Arthur: Yes, we are about 2 months old, thanks for reading and commenting and we hope you will check back each day for our new content.

    About Kidd…plain and simple he does not have a long time left in this league, but what he has left is good!

    I do agree that Webster and Jack are not nearly as good as most Blazer fans want to make them, however I think we might be able to get MORE for these two guys…I think the idea of Nocioni would be huge. Think about it this way: If we make a big run at Paul or Williams we are set at the PG spot. That leaves only the SF position not met. So why should we trade away 2 pieces for a 2 year rental on Kidd when we could use those two pieces to get maybe the last piece of the puzzle a solid SF?


  6. I like this team how it is, and would like to see how they mature as a team. We are already seeing the fruits of Paul Allen’s money and Kevin Pritchard’s labor. Let’s wait another year when Oden is up and running and make our decision to trade for veteran players who can help us then. It’s nice to talk about positive things about the blazers again. Go Blazers!!!

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