Battle of the Arenas. Memorial vs. Rose.

For  you fans who aren’t  up to speed on Blazer history, the Blazers used to play in Memorial Coliseum.  The Memorial Coliseum is an indoor arena, the oldest part of what is now known as the Rose Quarter area within Portland, Oregon. Financed by an $8 million bond approved by voters in 1954, construction was completed in 1960 and it was dedicated on January 8, 1961 to the “advancement of cultural opportunities for the community and to the memory of our veterans of all wars who made the supreme sacrifice.” It is often referred to as “The Glass Palace” by Portland fans.  Another interesting thing about Memorial Coliseum is that has recently been brought up as a site for a stadium for Major League Baseball (if it ever comes to Portland).  This unfortunatley would mean the demise of Memorial.


The Blazers currently reside in the Rose Garden, situated just south of Memorial Coliseum.  The Rose Garden, commonly known as the Rose Garden Arena, is the primary indoor arena in Portland, Oregon. It is suitable for large indoor events of all sorts, including basketball, ice hockey, rodeos, circuses, conventions, ice shows, and concerts. The arena has a capacity of 19,980 spectators when configured for basketball; it holds smaller crowds when configured for other events.


The question we present to you BazerOGers today is this.  Which arena do you prefer?  Memorial or Rose?  We all know the Blazers played in Memorial in their heyday.  Do you think that the arena made the difference.  Or does the abundance of box seats and a massive Jumbo-Tron in the Rose do it for you?  We want to know.

As we promised in last Tuesday’s BlazerOG, here are a few “Fan Incident” stories we thought you might like.

 From Jon:

“This is just a plain weird/funny story from last night. In front of us are two old, and I mean like 70-80 year old men. We are in the 300 level, so it is kind of cool to see them up there. I notice one old dude is ripping pages out of his “Rip City” magazine. I point this out to my buddy, and we laugh. Next thing I know, he is ripping it up into strips, perfectly aligned. I just keep thinking “crazy old man.” After the strips small squares. A few minutes later the Blazers make a shot and he throws up all these ripped up pieces of paper all over everyone…thats it, he just chuckles to himself.  What a weird old man.” 

From Boom Dizzle:

I think my favorite fan encounter of all time was when the Suns were in town about 4 years ago. In our 300 level section, there were two kids, maybe 9 or 10 years old, one wearing a Nash jersey and the other a Marion jersey. During the game, they were sort of arguing with a guy listening to the game on his headphones (never argue with those guys!) who was at least 35. All of a sudden and for no reason, the guy starts screaming at the kids, “You’ve got nothin’!!! The Suns don’t got nothin’!!!” Needless to say the kids were terrified and everyone in the section was thoroughly amused. Hopefully an important lesson was learned: Don’t be a Suns fan.

And finally from Juan:

Lakers/Blazers 1st round 2002. Blazers up by one and the Lakers have the ball and a time out 9 seconds remaining. The Garden is rocking, loud as I have ever heard it. Game starts, Kobe drives with the “Kobe Stopper” on him, Pippen bites leaving Horry wide open for the game winning 3 (while Damon is yelling in his ear on the sideline). Everyone’s heart stops, then, out of the 300 level some crazy guy yells “You got the game Horry, but at least I don’t have a f***ed up kid!” If you don’t know Horry has a kid that is wheel chair bound, serious health problems. What a crazy/super fan, but we still lost.


3 Responses to “Battle of the Arenas. Memorial vs. Rose.”

  1. Glad to see my story made the cut!

    I have actually never seen a Blazer game in the MC. I lived out of the Portland area during that time. However, I did catch the Tournment of the Americas, state championship games, etc. Even during those games when it was NOT packed it was SO LOUD! The Garden is nice, really nice, so in terms of todays NBA it has to be the Garden…but for game atmosphere it is the MC.

    I really wish they would play one pre season game in the MC…that would be a true old school night.

  2. blazercrazy Says:

    That is a great idea. Everyone could wear their throwbacks from the 70’s.

  3. Boom Dizzle Says:

    While the Garden is bigger and necessary given the team’s current rise to stardom, there is no comparison. Every seat in the Coliseum was basically on the court and the views were all much lower and better. I liked the feel of the concourse better, even though it was just smooth concrete. The glass box made you feel like you were outside, which was cool. Plus, the architect, Skidmore Owings and Merrill is the best builder of the international style that the Coliseum exhibits in stunning fashion (plus SOM built the Hancock Building, the Sears Tower, Freedom Tower in NYC to be built and Autzen stadium in Eugene).

    Here’s a link to a great article that gives more info on MC

    I think a Blazers v. Blazers scrimmage in the MC could be a great charity event. Let’s take it to the Blazers and see if they’ll put something together.

    I’ll buy a ticket right now!

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