Welcome to Bartertown

Yes, this is the second Mad Max reference in the last week.  And yes, you’re welcome.  While there were a few brief moments of good Blazer basketball, our thorough beating by the Pistons is really far too painful to rehash and we don’t want to put any of our readers through the ordeal for a second time.  But, in the last two games, the opposition’s announcers (Bulls and Pistons, we have someone in Chicago who watches these games) have been very astute in their analysis of this young, talented team and the great young players that we have been able to assemble.  Most interestingly, the topics of trading for LaMarcus and shipping Rasheed out were both discussed in detail.  Since there have already a few major trades this year in the West, we won’t speculate any further on the Blazers activity this season.  We have, however, thumbed back through the pages of Blazer history and intensely debated the best Blazer trade of all time.  We’ve drafted so many great players and we’ve often, especially recent history, shipped out talented, but troubled players for less than their value (see Zach Randolph or ‘Sheed giveaways).  We’ve only listed two thoughts below, since this seems like a topic best settled in an debate format.  So give us your thoughts in the comments section and win a special prize.  Actually….there’s no prize.  But you will get to debate Blazers history, which is a prize in and of itself.   Foye for Roy:  While this was second in a series of trades that brought the Natural to P-Town, it can’t be overlooked. Foye hasn’t prospered nearly as much as Brandon in his first 2 seasons and Roy has become the heart and soul of this team.  Looking into the future, this may very well be the trade that set the Blazers on their course to a dynasty. 

Sam Bowie/Pick for Buck Williams: You can’t deny the effect that Buck Williams had on the Blazers success.  A tenacious rebounder (13th all-time in the NBA and he was only 6′ 8″), physical defender (four-time selection to the first and second defense team) and great all-around player (a ROY and three-time all-star), his on the court success was only one facet of his career.  He was active in the Portland community and always seemed to be signing autographs and talking with fans.  Plus, “rec specs” are awesome (let’s see if Oden will get some!).  Plus, it looks like Buck is either saluting or tipping his glasses at someone.  Or maybe he’s justgetting ready to lay the smack down.  Probably both    


One Response to “Welcome to Bartertown”

  1. I take this is two parts:
    1) Overall Blazer effect from the trade I give it to the Buck trade.
    2) In 10 years it will be the Brandon trade. I love Roy as much as the next guy (right now I am wearing my Roy All Star shirt) but I also caution those who want to put Roy in any “all time” lists for the Blazers. He WILL earn his way into those, no doubt….maybe it is just the superstition in me…god I can’t imagine us if Roy went down. For that reason I give it to the Buck trade.

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