Close Encounters of the Fan Kind

We’ve all been there.  When some J.O. fan from Denver is in the Rose Garden, celebrating, flaunting his Anthony jersey and sideways hat, hollering “Brick!” when B. Roy shoots free throws.


Or some clown cheers for Lebron while he bombs threes like a placekicker (as the rest of the building clutches its collective chest in agony). How do you handle such fans?  Fans of Rip City, tell us.  We want your stories.  What are the best “Fan Incidents”? 

“What’s the criteria?”, you might ask.  Well…anything ending in the PPD(Portland Police Department) having to be called is a good start. 


We’ll post the top 5 stories as part of next Tuesdays’ BlazersOG.


6 Responses to “Close Encounters of the Fan Kind”

  1. Boom Dizzle Says:

    I think my favorite fan encounter of all time was when the Suns were in town about 4 years ago. In our 300 level section, there were two kids, maybe 9 or 10 years old, one wearing a Nash jersey and the other a Marion jersey. During the game, they were sort of arguing with a guy listening to the game on his headphones (never argue with those guys!) who was at least 35. All of a sudden and for no reason, the guy starts screaming at the kids, “You’ve got nothin’!!! The Suns don’t got nothin’!!!” Needless to say the kids were terrified and everyone in the section was thoroughly amused. Hopefully an important lesson was learned: Don’t be a Suns fan.

  2. Lakers/Blazers 1st round 2002. Blazers up by one and the Lakers have the ball and a time out 9 seconds remaining. The Garden is rocking, loud as I have ever heard it. Game starts, Kobe drives with the “Kobe Stopper” on him, Pippen bites leaving Horry wide open for the game winning 3 (while Damon is yelling in his ear on the sideline). Everyone’s heart stops, then, out of the 300 level some crazy guy yells “You got the game Horry, but at least I don’t have a f***ed up kid!”

    If you don’t know Horry has a kid that is wheel chair bound, serious health problems. What a crazy/super fan, but we still lost.

  3. This is just a plain weird/funny story from last night. In front of us are two old, and I mean like 70-80 year old men. We are in the 300 level, so it is kind of cool to see them up there. I notice one old dude is ripping pages out of his “Rip City” magazine. I point this out to my buddy, and we laugh. Next thing I know, he is ripping it up into strips, perfectly aligned. I just keep thinking “crazy old man.” After the strips small squares. A few minutes later the Blazers make a shot and he throws up all these ripped up pieces of paper all over everyone…thats it, he just chuckles to himself.

    What a weird old man.

  4. By far my favorite Blazer fan story involves my friend Amir.

    About four or five years ago we were at a game against Boston. We were in the very last row in the 300 level. We had two seats right next to the aisle. I was on the aisle seat, Amir was next to me, one in. With about 2 min. to start time we see a kid and his mom the size of Dallas Cowboy linemen slowly ascending the stairs toward us. Needless to say they had the seats right next to my buddy Amir. These people were rank and had enough grease on their bodies to supply a NASCAR team.

    So the game starts and I can clearly see that Amir is in hell. First, he tries to get me to trade with him. I tell him to go to hell. We talked about moving but it was a pretty full game and there were only random open seats here and there. But by the end of the 1st quarter we realize two seats right next to the water buffaloes are open.

    Thinking it was a reasonable request and seeking some relief from the jelly donuts he is sitting next to Amir leans over and asks the 300lb 12 year old if he and his mom could move down just one seat. In response the kid moved about 1 mm over and looked at Amir. It seems they had bought those exact seats and did not have any plans of moving. For the rest of the game Amir sat in agony while I enjoyed the game.

    Then to add insult to injury Antoine Walker (a little on the heavy side himself) one of those ridiculous 3’s he always jacks up to win the game. Good stuff (aside from Walkers 3).

  5. RoysBlazers Says:

    My only real experience with an opposing fan would have to be earlier this past week vs Cleveland. Some guy wearing a Lakers Jersey was sitting behind me with a couple of buddies. They were pretty quiet for most of the game, we were doing well… In the final minutes when Lebron started playing like Lebron, this guy wouldn’t shut up!

    “you guys call Roy and allstar? Lebron is the only allstar I see”

    ” I don’t even like Cleveland (I’m a laker fan) but I like watching superstars” -dumbass

    then after the game was over and Lebron did his thing…the guy was even more disgusting to hear. I know I was just on the bitter end of a great comeback by Lebron. But I hate fans who don’t support a team the whole way through, but instead go nuts when everything is going there way…

    While I’m on the subject, I want to add that I hate “Blazer” fans who rip our own guys for missing a shot, or rip nate for his play selection. If “you” can do any better you should be down there taking the shots, or calling them for that matter. What this city needs are some fans bringing some good Karma along with them to the game… Support your guys even during their bad moments and let them know your behind them all the way. I can’t stand the Blazerfan two seats down from me, who does exactily what I’m talking about… I have to watch how much I drink for fear of losing my season tickets after mashing my knuckles through this guys face.

  6. blazercrazy Says:

    My favorite fan story has to be the 99′ playoffs. Blazers vs. Jazz. Jerry Sloan is doing his usaully crybaby act about a missed call when who should leap up, but a woman who had to be in her seventies at the least. She proceeds to scream “Shut the @#% up, Sloan!! at the top of her voice. I later made this woman my wife.

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