BW Mondays – Scottie Pippen wins by a nose!

Literally, Pip came in with two votes for must have schnoz.*


*(Pardon a couple omissions, the intertubes stubbornly refused a good body shot of Gary Trent.

The BW question this week is “What do you tell somebody who asks what the Blazer logo is?”


6 Responses to “BW Mondays – Scottie Pippen wins by a nose!”

  1. The Blazer’s logo is a pinwheel. I’m pretty sure I learned that from one of those questions during the CSN game broadcasts that Mike Rice always gives away the answer to.

  2. RoysBlazers Says:

    The Pin wheel is correct-

    Harry Glickmans cousin Frank designed the Logo

    More info can be found by visiting the link below.
    (if it works on here) lol

    Portland Trailblazer Logo Origin

  3. First, you make sure that they aren’t referring to that stupid flaming ball thing we had a few years ago. If they are, you either a) pepper spray them because they are clearly not a blazer fan or b) kick them in the groin as they are clearly a laker fan.

    I’d say it is a pinwheel, of sorts, with frickin’ laser beams, just to make it tougher. But clearly it’s a pinwheel. Is there something more I should know?

  4. RoysBlazers, you are a wealth of knowledge not unlike the Smithsonian. Next time I’m in town, I’ll buy you a beer and a burger at Stanich’s.

    Thanks for the info, yet another great comment.

  5. I also read somewhere that the 5 lines on each side of the pinwheel represent the five players on each team in basketball.

  6. A freaking saw blade cutting you up like Roy through the middle. Actually, a pinwheel…but I did not know that 5 players on each team thing. Maybe it should stand for the 5 players on our “white” and “black” units.

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