Beyond Thunderdome: Two Hats Enter, One Hat Leaves

So one of our writers has a terrible dilemma and we don’t know what to tell him.  Some of you may have been in a similar situation so we need your help.  Years ago, Mo Cheeks autographed Devin’s Blazers hat before a home game. Then it was Dale Davis. Then Z Bo. Then Boumtje Boumtje. Devin wore that hat every time he watched a Blazers game, live or at home.  It was like his best friend in Blazerdom.  But now he has a sweet new white hat.  His once lucky brim lies unused, unworn and unloved. Is the hat cursed?  What should he do with it?  You know he can’t just leave it in the closet, hidden or sell it on eBay to someone who might not be a true Blazer-believer.  Should he donate it to a less fortunate Blazer maniac? Burn it and scatter the ashes in the Willamette, sort of like retiring a flag? Keep it as a reminder of our shattered hopes for those Blazers teams?  You decide.  He’s given it over to us, all of us, to decide.  And he knows we’ll make the right decision. 


3 Responses to “Beyond Thunderdome: Two Hats Enter, One Hat Leaves”

  1. I don’t think your hat is cursed. However, I do think it is from an era that some of us fans are glad is gone. If I were you I would keep it, put it on the shelf with your other Blazer memoribilla, but don’t sell it. Even if it is from the Jail Blazers era, it is still Blazer history.

  2. I was still a fan doing that era, and it wasn’t the hat that was the curse. I thought it was everytime I got to watch the game we would lose. or I would find out one of the players got in trouble again.

    I agree with the other post. Leave it on the shelve for a suvinier.

  3. RoysBlazers Says:

    Either shelf it or build a shadowbox and display it proudly. A person doesn’t get to be who they are without the bumps and bruises they absorb along the way. Just like the Blazers wouldn’t be the team they are, with the fans they have without players and teams of our past.

    I was at Benihanas last week and ran into LA and Sergio, I managed to get both of their autographs and you better bet I’m not wearing that hat again… It’s hanging proudly, and I’ll just have to buy a new hat!

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