Match-UP Friday: Who You Got?

Here at BlazersOG we are dedicated to giving a voice to the fans.  We appreciate the service other blogs provide about stats and game analysis, so we want to add to the experience for citizens in the Blazer Nation by focusing our attention on information and ideas that enhance the experience that is consuming Blazer basketball. Last week dumb-dumb over at the Oregonian had a good article about The Schonz and how beloved he is by the city of Portland, and deservedly so.  We remember putting on the radio extra quiet so we could listen to Schonz call the games, even though it was way past our bedtime.  Many people lamented the day in 1998 when Schonz called his last game for the Blazers.  One of BlazerOG’s contributors Grandma’s swore off the Blazers after that moment.  (We think she had a secret crush on Bill.)  Still, in our view, Wheels has been more than a worthy replacement as the voice of the Blazers.  Now it’s your time to decide who is the greatest voice of the Blazers.  Is it the dandy Bill Schonely?  Or is it the irascible Brian Wheeler?  Here is a little breakdown to help you make your decision.     The Schonz  schon.jpg

  • Voice: Clear, Strong, & Confident  
  • Tag Line: Rip City  
  • Personality: The Ultimate Spokesman
  • Golf Partner: 8 handicap
  • Drinking Buddy: Scotch  
  • Wingman: The over 70 crowd 

Wheels  150_wheeler_pic.jpg 

  • Voice: Pure Passion & Comedy
  • Tag Line: Boom Chaka Laka
  • Personality: Life of the Party
  • Golf Partner: I’ll drive the cart
  • Drinking Buddy: Naddy Ice  
  • Wingman: Cougar Hunter


  • Voice: Wheels
  • Tag Line: Shonz
  • Personality: Push
  • Golf Partner: Schonz
  • Drinking Buddy: Wheels
  • Wingman: Push  
  • Ultimate Listening Experience: ???

This is where you come in.  Within BlazersOG there is debate as to who actually is the greatest voice for calling a Blazer Game.  Who is the better of these two fine gents in bringing the game to life through their words and descriptions?  Does personality matter?  Or are you simply looking for somebody who can provide vivid details, and provide insight on the action?  Bill Schonely is the legend and Brian Wheeler is the now.  Which one deserves to be crowned “Voice of the Blazers”? Which one provides a better experience for the 300 level fan?


9 Responses to “Match-UP Friday: Who You Got?”

  1. Another fine post….and another damn hard decision.

    I grew up with Bill, falling asleep to him when I was in the 1st grade, and when he left the radio forever I actually cried. Wheels is in my opinion the BEST radio guy around. Again, it might be because I am a Blazer fan, but he is smooth as silk.

    Alas, my decision, I go with Wheels. Nothing against Bill, damn this hurts just writing this, but NOTHING gets me going like “And Outlaw elevates for the win….YES BLAZERS WIN! BLAZERS WIN! You have got to be here to believe it!”

  2. Brian Wheeler sucks! Bring back Schonz, or someone better please

  3. RoysBlazers Says:

    Bob whats the deal? Your CRAZY?! 😉

    I moved to Oregon 4 years ago from the midwest, and when I got here I remember watching some sports award show put on by Nike where Bill was the spokesman… not to mention all the commercials you see him in. Anyway I couldn’t stand him?! lol I had know clue however that he was once the voice of the Blazers so of course I now feel horrible for my early rush to judgement. He just seemed like a really cocky old guy who obviously thought he sounded cool when he spoke? 😉 I now make sure as soon as I show up on gamenights to stop buy his pub and have one for the man in hopes to maybe someday run into him and share a few words. I only wish I could have been around here to hear him call games to compare the two…

    that said… I’m a total Brian Wheeler fan… I first saw brian the night of the draft at the garden, I was sitting up at the club level listening to everyone talk about the draft prior to our boy Greg getting announced! Wheels is a great analyst and does an incredible job calling games. I even catch him on 1080 the fan occasionaly after a Blazer game, he calls into the ESPN Show (the names escaping me) from time to time to join in on some game they play…Anyway Wheels is a pimp and someday my first born should only be lucky enough to carry such a name as ‘wheels” 😉

  4. Ramsey's crotch Says:

    You’re joking right? Comparing Wheels to the Schonz???

  5. Ya, I think they are….after all they both served as play-by-play for the Blazers (hence the comparison). You are for sure Ramsey’s crotch.

  6. No contest. Wheels is good but Schonz was the best. Without question.

  7. blazercrazy Says:

    Wheels is just allright. But the Shonz. The Shonz was the guy who had me playing along with Drexler on the radio turned up in my bedroom. The dude was the best play man in the NBA. He has stories that can be deemed legendary. The man is a legend among mortals.

  8. rentasquid Says:

    I posted my thoughts initially on Barretts Blog. I have listened to both, rather extensively and there is no comparison between the two in my book. Schonz was smooth. You were sitting right beside him, looking at the action when he spoke. I dont get that feeling listening to Wheeler. He is more like a TV announcer, where he just fills in the gaps that you might not have noticed while watching the game. Yes, Wheeler gets exciting to listen to, at times, but so did Schonz. I’ll never forget how excited he became when he was describing Lucas squaring off against Dawkins in the 76ers playoff series.
    I’ve heard many announcers, while living in the midwest for a few years, and Wheeler wasnt even as good as the guy for the Bulls or the one for the Pacers. I get sick of listening to his pouting whenever someone from the opposition hits a big shot. I dont know how many times I can stand listening to him say “Can you believe that…he’s a 32 percent shooter behind the line for the season!”. Well yes Wheeler, I can believe he made the shot, because you just told me he did. Arrrghh! Just plain annoying. So I guess you can tell where my vote goes to! Schonz all the way!!!

  9. Wheeler is awful. Huge homer, loud, obnoxious, etc., and Harvey is an incredibly bad color guy. Eddie Doucette was the best of the bunch (though Schonley was great, of course).

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