Free Ticket Friday!!!

That’s right Blazersog readers we here at the OG have come upon a pair of 300 level tickets to one lucky reader.  We decided to celebrate our first Friday at the OG with a “thank you!” 

Now, the tickets are true to Blazersog style, section 326.  We don’t claim to be the voice of the 100, 200, or luxury box levels…no!  We are the voice of the 300 level!  Nothing against the other levels, as long as they are filled with Blazer fans that is all we care about.  But we have to be real to ourselves, we are giving you the seats we sit in.

Here is how the one lucky person can get these tickets.  The first email that is received, per time stamp, and provides us with the following info:

1.   First and last name

2.   All time favorite Blazer

will receive the 2 tickets for tonights SOLD OUT game.

Do you want to welcome Zach back with a boo or a cheer?  Do you want to be one of the 19,980+ giving Roy the standing ovation he deserves?  Do you want to have a seat in the rockin’ Garden tonight?  Email us now…the first lucky person wins!

Send emails to:  We will email the winner back.

Thanks for reading, and as always GO BLAZERS!


2 Responses to “Free Ticket Friday!!!”

  1. I wish I lived in Portland, I definitely would have gone to the game. There is nothing better in this world than an overtime win at the Garden.

  2. RoysBlazers Says:

    I wish I had seen this earlier this afternoon while at work, it’s okay though I watched tonights game with friends anyway. lol My next games are vs Denver/Chicago/Boston 😉 see you all there!

    Question for you guys again… are you in 326? what row etc? I spoke with my ticket guy today and he told me tickets for next season will go on sale in mid Feb, he’s going to call me the day they go up for sale so that I can move my seat to whatever is available… I’m seriously considering ‘moving on up’ as the Jeffersons once did! It might be nice to save a little dough this season as well…. Anyway I would want to sit in the first row up there, with nobody in front of me… are there seats available in your level like that? email me if you can with any details so that I can get a better picture of where it is I’m looking to sit. So long as I’m in with a rowdy group to make the experience even more fun I’ll be satisfied… Oh and they said you guys buy the beer? so great I’m in!

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