First, Our Star. Now, an All-Star.

So Brandon Roy ended our All-Star-less streak in magnificent fashion last night.  Not since 2001 has a Blazer been selected to play in this contest.  And, personally, we think it is a bigger deal to be selected as a reserve by the coaches than to be voted in by the fans.  It’s a bigger compliment to be chosen by a select few that have more knowledge and expertise than to win a popularity contest.  That being said, we think Roy has a decent shot at developing the kind of reputation that will get him enough fan votes in the future.  There are some great articles out there today. has some great art and a reaction from Nate.   But, if you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re about something different than stats and recaps: the other blogs (on our blogroll) do a great job of providing that information.  Instead, we prefer to scratch our chins, sit back and think about things a little differently.  So we have some All-Star related thoughts below and invite you to rap with us about anything and everything Blazers.   

  1. Should Travis have accepted if they’d invited him to the dunk contest?  He initially said he would not go, even if invited.  we personally think it would have done wonders for his self-esteem and maybe given him some much needed props around the league.  
  2. Who should we send to the 3pt contest?  James Jones?  Steve Blake?  Martell?  We think Jones is clearly the best spot up shooter as evidenced by his numbers and he definitely wants to compete.  He’s sort of our version of Craig Hodges.  But Blake can shoot the rock and he has a tougher time shooting over people in games, so his numbers might be better with just him and a rack of balls.  And there is no one, we repeat, NO ONE, in the league who shoots better than Martell when he’s hot.  And that contest seems to be about getting on a hot streak after the first round.  All in all, we’re inclined to say Martell for two reasons: he’s the youngest and strongest and the 3pt competition is all about not getting tired and keeping your legs and, secondly, if he won it would mean so much for his game and overall mindset.  
  3. What Blazer of the years 2001-2007 may have deserved a shot at the All-Star game, but didn’t get one?  Was it our record?  Was there someone who was having a Dwight Howard-esque year?  We think there were at least two years that Z-Bo should’ve made it, but that’s just us.  Agree? 

3 Responses to “First, Our Star. Now, an All-Star.”

  1. What is it that helped Roy become an all star? Was it the iRoy? The MVP! chants form the 300 level? Was it the ballot stuffing? While all of these things helped, in reality the iRoy is just a sweet toy to give to coaches and some media members, the MVP chants actually freaked Roy out one game and made him miss a free throw, and the ballot stuffing campaign didn’t get all that far because he was not even in the top 10 (plus every other city does the same thing!).

    What really set Roy apart was his leadership and calmness over this team. REMEMBER the reserves are selected by a vote of the conference coaches. Being selected by the coaches as a reserve is BETTER than being named a starter by the fans. It was not all that long ago the Yao Ming received more votes for a starter in the all start game then people who lived in the USA. Which shows you the influence China or any other block vote of people can had over the starters. You will always see players of “flash” like Kobe, AI, Melo being selected to start. Remember when Kobe didn’t even start on his own team and was selected as a starter? How is that possible?!? Fan voting, that is how!

    It is an honor to be named to the All-Star game, but more of an honor to be named by the coaches who scheme against you, double team you, call time-outs to stop you and when all is said and done you still do what you planned to do even with everyone is trying to stop it. Roy once said that his game is not conducive to an All-Star game. He may be right, he is a team player, a guy who will do the little things he needs to do to win. He may end up with only 2 points, 1 rebound, and 3 assists in the game. But it is not the stats that we care about, it is the recognition. The fact that the coaches of the Western Conference noticed what this young team in the Pacific Northwest is doing and who is leading them. While Roy’s game is not appealing to an All-Star fan vote, it is recognized and appreciated by those who truly know what an All-Star means. It was not that long ago the Portland clamored for Zach Randolph to be named to the team. He had all the stats, but he lacked the leadership and drive. Coaches know this, and they know that being an All-Star is more than stats, it means you are a leader.

    When the dust settled last night after the announcement it was clear that others around the NBA world has finally opened their eyes to what we were in Rip City have known: THIS GUY IS SPECIAL. We are all proud for Roy, the team, the city, but when it comes down to it we are more thankful for the personality of Roy, the fact that he is so honored by this accomplishment that he was almost speechless. The fact that he thanks his teammates, coaches, and fans first and then shyly acknowledges his own achievement.

    Congrats Roy….you are an All-Star, our All-Star, and you have many more ahead of you.

  2. Three questions, three answers.

    First, Should Outlaw have accepted an invite to the Slam-Dunk Contest? I think no. Travis is having a break out year. He is doing his thing, especially in the 4th quarter and is helping us win games. I don’t have any concerns about his confidence, hitting two game winning shots has a funny way of take care of any confidence issues. If Outlaw does not want to be in the slam-dunk contest then he does not need to be. The contest has really dropped off in quality anyways.

    Second, which one of the Blazers should be in the 3pt contest? Well there are two ways of answering this question. If you answer like a homer (which I am) you say all three. But if you answer taking a wider NBA perspective the answer is James Jones. There is no doubt that any player who has lead the NBA in 3pt percentage for the majority of the season and now is second should be in the 3pt contest. This is a no brainier. As for Blake. Ya, he is having a good season shooting the 3pt rock but I don’t think it is All-Star worthy. He is currently 8th in the NBA in 3pt percentage. I can’t remember how many guys get in the 3pt contest but I know it is less than 8. Lastly, Martell is a great shooter and may have some 3pt contests in his future but being 43rd in the league in 3pt percentage hardly makes you eligible for the All-Star 3pt contest.

    As to the question if any other Blazers from 2001-2007 deserved to be on the All-Star team I think the answer is no. Wallace got in and he deserved it. But the Blazers in these years were a team that either 1.) was made up of a bunch of good players that played important rolls but in of themselves were not All-Stars. For example Pippen. Great player, huge on defense but did not put up All-Star numbers. Or 2.) Toward the end of this time frame the Blazers just were not a good team. Under the horrible coaching of M. Cheeks we did not have a clue what we were doing half the time and did not have any All-Star worthy players. I think Juan was right on when he said Z-Bo may have had the numbers but he was a turd of a “player”. Numbers are important in making All-Star decisions but they are not everything. BTW I am looking forward to giving Z-Bo hell tonight at the Garden. Good post.

  3. blazercrazy Says:

    The thing I like most about Roy making the team is that he’s a born Blazer. He didn’t already come packaged from another team. He started as a Blazer and his first All-Star game will be played as blazer. As far a Travis is concerned, anytime your honeored by the dunk contest, you gotta show up. I’d just like to see ESPN put Bo’s picture up after Travis jams a tomohawk from the foul line.

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