Trade Rumors?!?! What does the 300 level think??

If you have not heard the Blazers are rumored to be involved in a 3-way trade with Dallas and New Jersey.  Check out the link for the gist of it.  If you want to see what trades work click the link on the blogroll to “Real GM” and check out the “Trade Checker.”

Instead of giving you our take, we decided to ask you at the game versus Cleveland.  Our seats are in section 326, so during timeouts and halftime we scoured for young and old, male and female alike to get their take on this proposed trade.

Below you will find a breakdown of what you, our fellow 300 level Blazer fans think about the potential trade.

Tim Section 326 Row C single game ticket buyer:

“I am not a fan of this…in my opinion our biggest need is in the middle.  If we do this trade we take 2 PFs in Frye and Outlaw sometimes, and bring in a point guard.  I think it makes our logjam at PG worse and our lack of size worse…I am NOT for it!”


Dianne (with son Tim wearing an Outlaw jersey) Section 323 Row K single game ticket buyer:

“I didn’t even know about this, but I just bought my son this jersey, I don’t really want to be out the $50…..But Sergio can go.”



Mike Section 302 Row K season ticket holder:

“I love Outlaw, but I think Jack and Frye will be gone in two years anyway.  I would like to see us go after Paul or Williams in a few years at PG, but in my opinion Devin Harris is a damn good PG and would make a killer backcourt with Roy.  I am torn right now, come back at Fridays game!”



Mitch Section 334 Row L single game ticket buyer:

“What does KP think?  What ever he says I am going with”



Jon Section 324 Row D season ticket holder:

“I am a huge Outlaw fan, but I do think this makes us better in the long run.  If we get Harris at PG that allows us to use our cap money in two years to get a legit, stud SF.  It would be hard to see Outlaw go, but I am for this.”



Thanks to Jim who lives out of the area and provided us with these comments from the national broadcast:


“This trade is not going down, Portland gets nothing in return and gives up important pieces of next years championship team” Bill Walton on ESPN pre-game.

“If you think this trade is going to happen go climb a tree outside, they have plenty out here.  I talked to GM Kevin Pritchard and he was as surprised as anyone, it is not going to happen.”  John Barry at the beginning of the broadcast.

So what do you think?  Do you think the combo of Harris and Roy is worth gutting the white unit?  Do you think this helps out Dallas, a Western Conference foe and the Nets more than the Blazers?  Lets hear it Rip City this is the first major trade rumor of the season.  Do you think you could let this man go?


4 Responses to “Trade Rumors?!?! What does the 300 level think??”

  1. You can’t give up Travis, he’s our 4th quarter guy. And Jarrett and Channing seem like really good young players. I’m not sure I know much about Devin Harris or anything, but you can’t give up three pretty talented young guys for one young guy who might be a little more talented than one of your three.

  2. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO against this trade. First off, I like Jack a lot. I think what he did last year and this year is a perfect role player piece. second, this KILLS our second unit, and I dont think helps our first unit all that much. Giving up Outlaw is way to much. I would be for it if it was Jack and Sergio, but NOT Outlaw.

    ESPN says it is not dead…but how much do they know? This rumor did start on yahoo right? And I think it has legs because it involves Kidd.

  3. This trade has no chance of happening as long as it involves Portland. The Blazers would be crazy to give up Outlaw. I could see Jack and Frye being shipped out, but not with Outlaw for Devin Harris. As my buddy who is a casual NBA fan said last night, “Who is Devin Harris?”

  4. Maybe I am in the minority here, but I really don’t want to see Frye gone at all. Here is what our front court can look like next year:

    Center: Oden, Pryz

    PF: LA, Frye

    If you look at Oden and Pryz they have similar games inside guys who can bang. Obviously, Oden is better, but Pryz has a similar style. Same with LA and Frye, they are more outside free-throw line extended PFs. With these guys are our starting and second units we don’t have to change our sets and looks. I think that makes it much easier for our PGs to intermix and an easier combo of sets to run.

    I sure as heck don’t want Outlaw gone, but I don’t see the reasons why we wont keep Frye longer than 2 years.

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