Jon Barry: What is he smoking?


If you watched the game on TNT last night, are you as concerned as I am that Jon Barry has suffered some form of massive brain injury that has gone untreated?  First, he kept talking about some fan who was jawing with LeBron and referred to the fan repeatedly as Daniel Bartman.  Who is Daniel Bartman?  Does he mean Steve Bartman, the scourge of Wrigley Field and killer of the Cubs World Series?  Is Daniel Bartman his cousin or something?  If you don’t know the joke, don’t try to tell it or you sound like an idiot.

Daniel Bartman's cousin? 

 Second, he kept saying that teams shouldn’t run the high pick-and-roll at the end of games.  To make his point, he said that everyone was doing it and it works even though people know its coming….doesn’t that mean that it’s a good idea?  Duh.  Did he just confuse himself again?  Finally, and most idiotically, when Martell pulled up for a three off a screen, Barry says, “Huh…that’s a funky release…” (pause…contain growing rage…).  We’re talking about Martell Webster here, who everyone says has one of the nicest and most pure shooting forms they’ve seen.  A funky release?  Check out the pic!  Martell’s release must have pooped on Jon Barry’s release or something.  I’m not sure, but it’s pretty dumb and dead wrong.  He isn’t my least favorite announcer, but he’s working hard to get there.  Any one of these statements is enough to make me think he’s an idiot.  All three…well, that’s like a total Daniel Bartman…   

Martell jumper
The perfect form release   (Look who’s closing out on him!)


5 Responses to “Jon Barry: What is he smoking?”

  1. You know what I dislike most about Barry as an announcer, but this could go for all the national media announcers? It is that they ride into town and while being on the plane ride they get their “media packet” which is essentially a bunch of Oregonian articles from the past week. During the game they will drop odd sounding comments like “Nate McMillian’s second unit, what he calls the white unit” something that Blazers fans know, but knew long ago. It is just frustrating to listen to them because they recycle old information that if you are even a basic follower of the team would be easy to pick out as simply posturing for the national broadcast. (By the way nothing against the Oregonian, just an example).

    And Barry is an idiot plain and simple.

  2. blazercrazy Says:

    My brother(who shall remain nameless for protection purposes) loved Jon Barry when he played for the Lakers. This is why I no longer speak to my brother.

  3. RoysBlazers Says:

    Barry is just a disgruntled ex-player who is still living off his 12 pts in 3 minutes of Game 5 in the 2002 Playoffs vs Toronto. Other than that his career more or less resembled a 1982 Toyota Tercel, it was nice and sharp for a time, but over the years, owner after owner let it go because it really wasn’t that great of a car… In his case it took 8 owners before his tranny finally kicked the bucket.

  4. I don’t often advocate cutting family members loose, but in your case blazercrazy I understand…that takes a strong man.

    RoysBlazers, you drop some knowledge on this site….I just found it the other day and its money…I for sure will come back more…good content, funny stuff, and some odd reason the comments left are damn good also…not often you find that.

  5. I only got to watch the last few minutes of the game. Wow!!!!

    I think I heard Barry say at least five or six times that The Blazers are starting to settle for jumpshots that will lose the game. at the same time or close to it Travis made the tying jump-shot.
    Everybody in Oreon already knows that Portland is a jump shooting team.

    Barkley has said it time after time on TNT. going back to reading old scripts on the plane.


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