We’ll post more tomorrow, but we’re too jacked up to even write about it right now!




  1. RoysBlazers Says:

    Great Day for B-Roy and the whole Blazer organization. Our first all-star since sheed some 7-8 years ago! It’s so tough to make it out of the west with all the talent we have stockpiled out here, I’m both surprised and pumped to know our boy will be representing the city!

    (question for season ticket holders- I have half season this year, soon packets are to be sent out with info for next season… I’m looking to move to a section where I’ll be near other Loud SOB’s… where I sit now I’m stuck between corporate tickets and we all know you never know who your gonna be sitting next to?! Anyone know of anyway to insure I can be around other facepainted blazerholics? I think I seriously scared the old lady sitting behind me Wednesday night.

  2. HUGE FOR RIP CITY!!!! I was watching TV and when they announced Paul I thought Roy didn’t make it…then all hell broke loose in my place when they announced him….Way to go Roy!

    About the season tickets…do you sit 300 level or better? I sit 300 level and we get it going, not like nuts, but sure as hell get into the game and drop a few bombs when needed…you would fit right in.

  3. Unfortunately, the Rose Garden doesn’t have a “Black Hole” like they do in Oakland or even the Bleachers at Wrigley (which are mostly just about getting hammered anyway, though they do still throw HRs back).

    Can you maybe talk to an agent and see if they know any cool blazermaniacs they’ve sold tickets to recently? that or just pick a section arbitrarily (like, say, 326) and we’ll all start buying our tickets there. In the next two seasons we’ll turn that whole end of the Garden into the Pit at Mac Court.

    The only solace is that, even if they’re corporate folks or Oldie Olsons, they’re probably closeted blazer-believers just like you and me and they haven’t realized they don’t have to hid anymore.

    Awesome comments, though. I’m inspired and a little weepy.

  4. RoysBlazers Says:

    Juan- I sit in 119 Row E … I’m right in line with the players bench and actually 326 is right back over my shoulder. lol Super Fan sits about 15 rows behind me. My ticket guy is Jonathan Monks, I’ll give him a call and see what he can do for me. Thanks

  5. I sit in 326….it is a far cry from the 100 level, but I am serious, if we all get tickets in 326 for next year we an rock the place!

    We have some good fans already, but some stud hardcore Blazer fans would be much appreciated.

  6. I like to think I helped elect Mr. Brandon Roy as an All-Star. The bastards didn’t even put Spanish Chocolate on the ballot though. Remember that Mexican Wrestler Kano or something that had the finishing move, “the Tequila Sunrise”? That guy was great. Orale!

  7. Roy, I never had a doubt that you were an All-Star. Great to watch you play and grow. you are a special person on the court and off.

    Play with your heart in the All-Star game and you will be the big winner.


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