Beheaded by the King

Wow! We thought that the fourth quarter, the last seven minutes of any game was ours. What happened in those last few minutes after being up 10 points?

LeBron James happened.

We here at the blog are frustrated at the thought of someone violating us in our own house. What transpired in those last few minutes was not Blazer basketball, and it hurts to know that the better team lost tonight.  

From the time we started our road trip with a loss in Toronto to now, the team has taken a different demeanor. The confidence that we had during the streak and the few games after it is gone. Looking at the box score, the distribution of offense from our black and white unit is there. We had our super sophomores scoring, and our young tight core playing well. How did we lose?  

 We cannot put our finger on this mediocrity. This team obviously is better than the recent results it has produced. We know that having a young team makes us vulnerable to emotions, and these emotions can become our ally or our enemy. Let us all hope the team bounces back from this loss with new hunger.  



2 Responses to “Beheaded by the King”

  1. I felt like last night I was both kicked in the junk and the face at the same time. Why the heck was LA so out of position? In my opinion you make Lebron pass the ball…he is to good and will make that shot.

  2. blazercrazy Says:

    With 5 seconds left, you have to double team Lebron. The entire Cavs team was shooting like crap, so leaving one of them open for a second does not worry me. Also 4 Blazer points in the last 3 1/2 minutes. You have to respond better than that. With that said I do think up until that run, the Blazers played a great game. Pryz had 4 blocks. I love that guy. I just hope they can come back and smash on Z-Bo and the Knicks. God I hate the Knicks.

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