A Blazerless All-Star Game?

Brandon Roy’s amazing performance against the Hawks in the fourth quarter Sunday night is just another notch in the belt of what should be an All-Star season.  Even with  a stomach virus, he was able to defend Joe Johnson and take a foul with just 2.3 seconds left.  For all the love this man gets though, the question still remains, why weren’t Blazer fans more pro-active when it came to the All-Star Game?  He wasn’t even in the top 10 in voting for guards.  Is it because Portland is a small market?  Is it because, in a town where substance is valued more than style, the All-Star Game has never been a priority?  What’s the deal with the Blazers and the All-Star Game? The Natural


15 Responses to “A Blazerless All-Star Game?”

  1. I don’t mean to dog our Portland, I love the city…but what I find is that many of the fans are bandwago. I know true die hards exist, seems like this blog has some. But I noticed that when Boston, Clevland, LA, etc show up HUGE roars are heard for opposing players. This might be similar to why Roy is not in the top ten. Yes, the Portland market is small, but if 19.980 filled out one ballot each game he would be in the top ten!

  2. The great Roy of China Says:

    The only reason why Roy is not getting voted in is because of where he plays. He has the skills to be an all-star, but fans are fans, and will always vote for big time names. I suggest marketing Roy’s skills in China where half of the world lives. Paul Allen has enough money to send iRoys to each Citizen of the “People’s Republic of China”. We know it works because Yao Ming has enough votes to be voted in twice.

  3. Original Pinwheel Rules Says:

    I’m not sure why more people weren’t active in voting for Roy, but it’s obvious that it isn’t about what kind of season you have in terms of being a fan-selection: that is where the coach’s picks come up huge. If the rookie of the year award were fan-based, I don’t think ROY would’ve won that either. Other than Yao, no other play is chosen by a specific group of supporters (their hometown fans, etc.), but the point Juan makes about cheering for opposing players is definitely true. The all-star team is chosen by a bunch of people who watch maybe 5-10 NBA games a year on TNT. That’s why if Roy makes it as a coach’s selection, it will be much more meaningful. Of course, we could just use some Chicago political machinery and stuff the ballot box next year…. They’d never notice if Oden got 52 million votes, would they?

  4. RoysBlazers Says:

    This is totally based on the fact that Portland is a small market. Theres no other alternate meaning, we love our guy and we vote just like the rest of the country votes, when it’s convenient. I personally have filled out 4 ballots… wooopeee 😉

    As far as the argument that if all 19,200 filled out a ballot at each game??? lol that is funny. The same could be said for each other player nominated in every other city.

    Over time if BRoy continues his level of play he will eventually get the love, but it takes patience and ocnsistancy on both his part, and ours the fans.

  5. Sounds like Roy is an All-star player after all. Coast to coast guys on ESPN have pegged Roy as a reserve for the west. There were no debates, just fact that he is a reserve. The only one I can see taking his place is Chuck Norris, which would be well deserved.

  6. I know you guys are new as this but if you’re going to write a blog you need to work on your grammar and punctuation a little bit.


    Is it because Portland is a small market. (this is a question, insert ?) Is it because in a town where substance is valued more then style, the All-Star Game has never been a priority. (This sentence starts as a question but turns into a dangling modifier, not to mention it should be “in a town where substance is valued more THAN style, not THEN style).

  7. Thanks for pointing out the typos. You’re right and I was happy to fix them. Just to return the favor, I think you meant to say that we are “new AT this” instead of “new AS this.”

    Just kidding, man, and glad to have your comment and know that you took the time to read the blog. We’re always working to get better and appreciate your input. Hopefully you’ll check back soon.

    A member of the BlazersOG family

  8. Blazer4Life Says:

    Huh, Woody I bet the guys who run this blog really appreciate that grammar advice. BTW have you had any dates lately? Didn’t think so.

  9. HEY WOODY, It’s a blog not a collegiate essay. Substances like you make my underwear brown when I fart. Is that grammatically correct? Why don’t you create your own blog and stay off of this one. Lets see how many hits you get in less then 48 hours.

  10. MAJOR WOODY Says:

    Hey junior woody, why don’t you worry about getting a piece of poon like any normal man. I mean, you must sit at home all day, surfing blogs, and subscribing to Incest.COM.

    Get off this blog and let the boys do their thing!!!

    You remind me of a buddy of mine that lives in Arizona…Annoying and hasn’t been laid since the banana peel he found in a dumpster.

  11. blazercrazy Says:

    I think it’s about time Portland hosts an All-star game. We, along, with Memphis, Sacramento, and Toronto are the only NBA cities never to have the honor. We have shown that we can put on a great show. Does the 1992 Tournament of Americas ring any bells? Nd that was 16 years ago. I say we make Oden the ambassador and to show everyone how his knee has rehabbd, he can pedal all the NBA big-wigs around in those bicycle cabs.

  12. I’m a professional journalist. Do a little research online and you can find my blog at one of the top 25 newspapers in the country. Not to mention I cover the NBA and actually meet and interview the players you fantasize about. I’ll be chatting with Luke Jackson and D-Wade tonight; I’ll tell them you said hi NFF, MAJOR WOODY and Blazer4Life. I was just trying to help the guys out; if you want to get linked to major sites and get major hits you can’t have grammar and punctuation errors. Check the blog on the Oregonian, do you see glaring errors?


  13. Luke Jackson, whatever happened to that guy? Tell him Eugene, OR says “what up.” As for D-Wade, I’d definitely put that guy in my 5 if he’ll come play in Portland. It’s an open offer.

    I did some research online, but unless you’re Woody Paige, I didn’t find your blog. I’m always looking for more info, so let me know where to go and check it out.

  14. Woody,

    Thanks, don’t mistake guests of our blog with the writers. We like, and hope for all comments about our content, but can’t control the words of guests, we feel this open source of Blazer info should be open and welcome to anyone who would like to share. You, Major Woody, NFF…anyone!

    Some people get mad about certain comments (grammar, content, etc), but again we know that debating our favorite team is going to have some fire. We are here to spark that debate! We welcome ideas and thoughts from everyone.

    What’s your blog? If you want we can link it that would be sweet. Thanks again, we appreciate you reading and commenting and you are welcome to do so anytime!

  15. According the Quick on “Primetime” today (1080 The Fan) Nate has talked to many coaches in the West and he gets the feeling Roy WILL be named as an All-Star reserve.

    Let Blazersog be the first to say congrats Roy!

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