BW Mondays

It’s a new week and the start of a new tradition on Blazerog. As Teddy Roosevelt said “I’ll never blame a man for the religion he was fed with his mother’s milk.” Well, some of us were fed a gallon of milk and a lump of hummus for religion and not much else.

As one of those unfortunates, I will use Mondays to post a question. I look to you guys for input on the boards; I’ll post the consensus next week. As they say in AA ‘fake till you make it.”

Here goes.


The Greatest Blazer

If you could construct the greatest Blazer from all past players what would he be made of? Clyde’s legs for hops, Sabonis’s hands, Walton’s beard?



6 Responses to “BW Mondays”

  1. blazersog Says:

    The choices are endless….but my ultimate Blazer:

    Buck Williams’ mini flatop for looks
    Roy’s head for his game IQ and steady play
    Maurice Lucas’ moustache because it is badass
    Gary Trent’s body, someone get him some tape because he is cut!
    Sabonis’ arms for passing
    Walton’s hands for passing and blocking
    Clyde’s legs for hops
    Terry Porter’s feet for quickness


  2. Definitely Steve Kerr’s hands and forearms for the shooting touch, Clyde’s legs and knees, Larry Steele’s mouth for arguing fouls, Duckworth’s heart because it is as big as a football, ‘Sheed’s white spot on the back of the head, and Roy’s eyes for always seeing the whole court.


  3. Bill Walton’s hands for passing. Valintines Legs (they looked good.) Lucus’s strength for conflicting fear. Brandon’s Brain for thinking. Travis’s knees for landing after his jump. Paxson’s waist for twisting and weaving. Clydes arms for dunking and Bucks whole body for rebounding. Sobonis’s eyes for passing.

  4. A few names I feel have been left off but need to be considered:

    Danny Ainge’s brain (look at what he has done with Bos this year, although there will be a huge hole in a few years there)

    Isiah Rider’s connections

    Dan Dickau’s wife (the perfect Blazer has to have a smokin’ sidecar)

    The perfect Blazer would need the perfect coach and I think that PJ Carlesimo is a great fit. This guy can take a beating from every angle but his persistance has shown he’ll never give up…even in the tightest spots

  5. RoysBlazers Says:

    Well first of all My perfect Blazer would come with…

    Greg Oden’s Hype… mixed with
    Bill Waltons passing ability… just a little
    Scottie Pippen “nose” for the game… and
    Kiki’s name… just because. Would need
    Roys Patience… but also
    Clydes Glide…. throw in a little combo of
    James Jones/Martell/Steve Smith touch from behind the arc… and I think we’d have quite the player… Maybe not the best looking, but certainly no Sam Cassell 😦

  6. coach tip Says:

    Constructing the perfect Blazer must have these parts:

    Feet/Ankles- Anybody but Walton’s will do.

    Ankles- Lionell ‘the train’ Hollins could cut through defenders like none other and rarely did his ever get broken defensively.

    Calves- Clyde’s ‘glyde-machine’ was powered with these ‘knots between joints.’

    Knees- Oden… the best that the latest technology and surgical technique can fix… I hope.

    Thighs- Valentine’s thighs were MONSTER! He was undoubtedly the reason the ‘phat-trunks’ were invented.

    Hips- Duckworth… players had to take two cabs and a bus to get around those meaty things.

    Abs- Trent’s washboard.

    Chest- Trent’s ’cause they are attached to his abs.

    Heart- Schlueter… I remember his graciousness in letting me and 3 other high school bball campers in Vernonia, on a warm summer day in 1973, school him to ten. He then proceeded to put on his game face and beat our big heads into the pavement 10-0. Lesson learned- every NBA player is better than most all of us.

    Shoulders- Oden has been putting in all the extra effort to pump himself up during rehab in order to carry the team next season.

    Arms- Outlaw… those have to be the longest pair of wings on the planet.

    Hands- Gross… The man could catch a bb in a hail storm.

    Wrist- Twardzik… no one and I mean no one could put more meaningful spin on a ball off the glass than Davie.

    Fingertips- Vandeweghe ’cause when the ball left those it was headed for the bottom of the net.

    Neck- Sabas… Thick and meaty… had to be tough to take on Schaq.

    Jaw- Buck Williams… It always seemed set, immovable and determined… think of all the elbows that he caught climbing the ‘golden ladder.’

    Mouth- Ainge… the only guy in the NBA to earn a bite from a tree because he continually talked smack on the court.

    Voice- the Schonz… he introduced me to blazermania and rip city as I listened live on game night from my radio in the corner of my bunk bed in Medford and rebroadcasts at 11 from Coos Bay until I fell asleep.

    Nose- Pippen… like another appendage, I believe he could actually pull off a ball fake with that schnozzola!

    Eyes- Roy… somehow this guy sees lanes to the hoop that don’t exist for anyone else.

    Eye brows- Lucas… I would hate to have to turn around to face him up and see that determined look that promised to inflict pain if I tried to score on him.

    Forehead- Porter… every year it seemed to get larger and larger until it reached the back of his neck.

    Hair- LaRue… his fro was better than his game.

    Brain- Dr. Jack… smart is not nearly the best word to apply to Coach.

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