Welcome to BLAZERSOG!

Welcome and thanks for reading.  You may be asking, what is the Blazersog thing all about?  Well, we are a collection of teachers, film makers, medical students, valets, lawyers, counselors, and friends who debate, discuss, scream, and cry about the Blazers on a daily basis.  We are a group of people who have season tickets in section 326, and have had them during the “Jail Blazers” years.  We found ourselves emailing and discussing various Blazer related ideas such as: “who is the SF of the future for the Blazers?” and “who would be a better fit Chris Paul or Deron Williams?”  We decided to take these questions and post them for everyone to read and discuss also. 

We are like you; we read the oregonlive blog, blazers edge, and the other Blazer and NBA related pages.  We are not here to compete, but to compliment.  For we all know that a Blazer divided against itself cannot stand.  We believe the Memorial Coliseum needs to be a Portland historical landmark, and that a real “Heritage Night” would take place with a game in the glass palace (at least a preseason game).  We use the word “WE” to describe the Blazers and ourselves as one…but we quizzically check the knees of others who use it to see the scrape marks from them jumping on the bandwagon.  We believe it is the name on the front of the uniform that matters, but ask that the name on the back makes us proud.  We believe it is not a coincidence that every living being on this earth from the birds in the sky to the fish below and the people in between bleed crimson when they are cut.  We believe that inside of every Lakers fan is a Blazer dying to get out…and we are here to help.  We believe that Oden in ’08 IS worth the wait.  We wear Blazer shirts under our sport coats and ties on game day, and come into every season expecting a championship and every game knowing we will win. 

We have been through thick and thin with the Blazers.  We have experienced playoff victories, and defeats.  We were there when the Rose Garden’s volume was louder than a jet engine only to fall to a deafening low when Robert Horry hit a game winning shot.  We were announced attendance numbers 9,134, 9.135, and 9,136 against the Knicks two years ago.  We have never, nor will we ever root for another NBA team.  We are Blazers, Trail Blazers, Portland Trail Blazers, some from birth, and some from conversion.  We are Rip City. 

We are spread across the country, some living in Chicago, Medford, Vancouver, the SE Industrial District, the Pearl, and Wilsonville.  We all come together to attend the Church of Clyde on Sundays at 3:00, and wish Comcast would allow other TV providers to wallow in the glory of Comcast Sports Net.  While we all have different lives and ideas, you can expect a well educated analysis of all things Blazer.  Think of it as a view from the 300 level…where we choose to reside during games. 

We welcome you and yours to our Blazersog.  We look forward to spirited conversation and ides on how WE as a Blazer community can do our part to create a dynasty. 


9 Responses to “Welcome to BLAZERSOG!”

  1. Way to start off what will be in my mind the greatest blog on earth…nay…the greatest thing on earth.


  2. blazersog Says:

    I’m in agreement. The only thing better than this blog is Brandon Roy’s defense on Joe Johnson’s final 24 second possession last night.

  3. Holdin’ down the Fort for DC. To paraphrase Bill Walton, “This website is not just the best website on the West Coast, nor the best website in the US, nor the best website in the world. I would say this is the greatest website in the history of the known and unknown universe.”

  4. This is the only way to be a Blazer fan. I don’t even watch any other game.
    I used to watch the Lakers to see them get beat, then found out I was contributing to their most watched games. (Yak).

    I do not have the knowledge of stats that many do. I just love to watch The Blazers. I understand the emotions that can change games. I don’t criticize, but I do analyze.

    I don’t know all the pros and cons of Darius Miles, but he would be still a candidate for SF. People get in different situations and their emotions change. The get in trouble, injured, or on the outside looking in and they make a re-evaluation of their life and can turn it around. I know he is not always a popular choice for SF but beings as how he is on salery and is coming back this year we should infact give a legitimate chance. I myself think Travis Outlaw is top candidate for small forward of the future.

    I know you could make Rudy SF, with Travis and Martell. than juggle our guard population to accommodate salary and roster room. I feel we need a different guard for different situations.

    If McRoberst materialize, we could diffinatly use him with Oden and Joel inside. that would leave LaFranz out. If Rudy works out that might eliminate Sergio or and Greene, but Greene should at least get a chance.

    Does anybody remember Bill Walton’s injury after our Championship year and how fast we dropped out of contention. I feel Roy Brandon may have the same impact. I don’t know about Oden.

    But The Rip City is starting to come back.


  5. I mostly just want to thank you all for starting this blog. Not only will it give my husband a place to “talk shop” that is not at home (a small reprieve for me and a huge bonus for him) but it will also allow me to read insightful and educated editorials about the team, in the hopes that I can continue to expand my knowledge of our beloved Blazers. I have always been, and will always be, a Blazer Believer. It is in my blood as a true Oregonian, though geography now separates me from my Portland home. And, let’s not forget, I wear the .77 karat diamond in my wedding ring as a reminder of the Big Win… thank you, Dev. So, thanks to you all and keep it up!

  6. Odenator...I'll be baack! Says:

    Count on the Odenator on being a regular contributor on this site.

    Bold prediction…Blazers will beat out Denver and Golden State for the final playoff spot. Win, lose, or draw, we are going to the big dance this year!

    Go Blazers!

  7. Dear Peoples!

    Have no fear, the one and only Blazermaniac Andy is here! I shall be packing up my backpack and my anti-nosebleed medicine and traveling upwards towards the 300 level tomorrow at our next home game to say hi to all of you! I will even spend some time rooting up there with the TRUE maniacs!? Is that you guys who start all the chants we hear wafting down from rafters!? Keep it up! And if you want, start sneaking down to open spots in the lower level in the 4th quarter!? There is nothing worse then seeing open seats and no Blazer fan sitting in them!? I have a question for you, with Greg Oden out for the Season and this team playing INCREDIBLE without him, how important do you think he is to us winning a Championship? Is he THEE piece or is Roy THEE piece to the puzzle? I remember a few summer league games where we played greg and he got into foul trouble, do you think that will continue to be a problem? Over-all great blog and when I can find time to I will read you often!

    Blazermaniac Andy SEC 225

  8. What up Andy?

    Thanks for reading man. During most of the games two of us are at the Garden, that is because the rest of the blog staff lives in Chicago, Medford, etc…so when the time comes the other boys join us when they can.

    Your take on Oden…I DO think he is the piece. I feel even with a standard PG like Blake the dominant center of Oden changes everything. Look at Orlando when Howard is in the lane…it changes everything! Same as when we had Ratliff…he just plain changed the game. We get killed often on the boards and Joel is our only legist shotblocker…Oden fixes a lot! And hey if you have 9 fouls like you do in summer league use them! I do think Oden will struggle with fouls early, but I don’t think that will take him out of the game. Just think: Oden and LA and Pryz and Frye as backups…not bad!

    Section 326….we are in-between some people…keep the faith and thanks for reading!

  9. roysblazers Says:

    I just wanted to write and let you guys know that I did decide to slum it next year! lol Moving from section 119 Row E up to Section 326 Row F seats 1-2.

    Anyway… I haven’t been leaving comments much, but I do check the sight as much as time allows. Great stuff.


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